We are all too aware of a handful of Republicans who are nothing more than Republicans in name only. Many of them claim to support President Trump, at least in some regard. Then there are others who just don’t support him at all. Those are people like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

But by and large, most of them would at least profess some level of support for President Trump. One of these RINOs is former House Speaker and former Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan.

With all of the talk about whether or not President Trump is going to run again in 2024, Paul Ryan decided to weigh in. He said that regardless of whether or not he runs again, he won’t be the nominee.

The Daily Caller reported,

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan said Friday that former President Donald Trump will likely lose the Republican presidential primary race in 2024 and, failing that, the general election should he decide to run again.

“Whether he runs or not, I don’t really know if it matters,” Ryan stated. “He’s not going to be the nominee, I don’t think.” Ryan made the comments during an appearance with Kevin Kajiwara, CEO of Teneo, the public affairs consulting firm of which Ryan is vice chairman, at their office in Manhattan.

Ryan also accused Trump of using “fear and intimidation” to maintain political influence over the Republican Party, which he predicted would end poorly. “Whenever you try to do that, it ends the way Hemingway talked about bankruptcy,” he said, “it goes along for a while until it [steeply] drops.”

Sadly, Ryan is about as much as a RINO as any of the rest. Whatever support he has appeared to have for President Trump just seems to have been for show anyway. Evidence says Paul Ryan was actually involved in pushing the fake Steele dossier and has even said in the past that he couldn’t support him because of the bogus dossier.


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  • Paul Ryan is the reason that Trump did not accomplish more for the American people during his 1st 2 years….

  • Tell Paul Ryan to sit down and shut up. Why doesn’t he just register as a Democrat since he, apparently, LOVES the way our present president is running things and is, by talking against Trump, he is helping this present president to get elected again. You are a disgrace to this country.

    • I agree whole heartedly . Ryan is a Democrat just like McCain was. The country does not need people like those two holding an important elected position of any kind.

        • Pierre Delecto should be added to this list. George HW Bush, George W Bush, McCain, Romney/Delecto, Ryan, are all RINOs who cared nothing for the American people. And that is where Mr. Trump differs. He is a man of the working/middle class.

          • Wow! Trump for the working class. What a misguided statement. He used and still using the working class for his political purposes including Jan 6 but when the hammer hit the metal in his administration it was all for the rich including the huge tax cuts. individuals with income less than $150K got from crumbs to nothing.

  • Paul Ryan was a Republican traitor when in office. He’s a worthless POS that should have never been trusted. We need to look back and see which Republicans pushed him to be Speaker and make sure that those idiots are now gone.

    • I wouldn’t be so sure about that. We know that Trump “won” in a landslide in 2020. When you compare the attendance at Trump rallies to the pathetic turnouts at O’Biden “rallies” it was obvious that Trump was the POTUS that America wanted by a large margin. What isn’t known is whether or not the Deep State can pull off another election theft and I’m betting they can. In a couple of weeks we’ll probably get a good idea, as Republicans are heavily favored to win back the House and perhaps the Senate. Enormous amounts of money was spent to put The Senile One in the White House and you can bet those who invested in the steal aren’t going to allow fair elections to take away the power they purchased. If they’re unable to pull off another election heist, I wouldn’t put it past them to resort to assassinations. These are truly evil people who are now controlling our nation.

      • Jeff you nailed it right on the head! You are 100% right! Where we are at right now, these EVIL doers are so corrupt & compromised that there is no turning back for them & their attitude is, if they are going down, then they are going to bring the rest of US down with them. This is precisely how Psychopath/Sociopaths think!

        • Democrats and RINO/NEOCON Republicans are children of Satan. Their goal is to destroy the USA and hand the remnants over to globalists led by Antichrist. Everything they have done since stealing the White House in 2020 has been to bring our country down.

    • Paul was so jealous of president Trump. He doesn’t know enough about right from wrong to be a dog catcher. He’s hoping but it won’t come true. I know who to vote for and no matter what garbage they try throwing at him, I will vote for Trump. So far, everything that could go wrong, Biden was the one to cause it. Every time he opens his mouth, he sticks his foot in further.

  • I’m a Wisconsinite and I think Ryan is an embarrassment to the state. I’m also not pleased that he’s on the Board of FOX NEWS. I hate RINOS and Ryan is easily the top Rino. Truly a despicable man.

    • RINO Ryan & Mittens Robme, are clone & they should just stick to having their heads up each others A$$ and stay out of government!

  • LMAO! PAUL THE LIAR RYAN???? The retard that could not even get reelected cause he was exposed as a Democrat? That loser? The guy that screwed America! That loser? The guy that refused to allow a vote on Obama care? That loser? Who was protecting the insurance companies?

  • Paul Ryan PROVED he was a Democrat, when he covered up the Imran Awan Spying Scandal, for Pelosi, and Wasserman-Schulze. Awan was employed by Wasserman-Schulze, as an IT Tech. He downloaded onto “Thumb Drives” EVERY Secret America Had, for over 10Years. Covered up by Pelosi, Ryan, FBI, Capitol Police, and the Whole Democrat Crime Syndicate. Then they WEASELD Ryan, onto the Board, at FOX. That is why FOX is now going down the Gurgler with the rest of the Mockingbird Media. NOBODY Trusts them. With Good reason

  • Trump of using “fear and intimidation” Of course, and we STILL had RINO’s that didn’t give a crap about “We the People”. He was a strong president that didn’t let communist fascist dems or RINO’s intimidate him. And just look at where most of them are today. Well, McConnell’s still in there, I don’t know how.

  • Ryan is a punk. He’s the same RINO, that gave the house to the Dimms, on every issue of interest, resulting in nothing even remotely for the people, ever being passed. nobody gives a damn what Paul Ryan thinks, or says, because he’s irrelevant.

  • Paul Ryan…….

    Isn’t he that pizz-ant we couldn’t wait to get rid of………

    Kinda like Boehner but with less wine??????

  • Paul Ryan should join his anti-Trump girlfriend Liz Cheney and change his party affiliation from Republican to dem-0-RAT!! Paul Ryan, (next to Liz Cheney) is the worst hing that ever happened to the Republican party!!!!

  • Ryan, just like Cheney, only makes statements, with zero proof. Trump has been accused of everything possible & people say he is guilty, but, can never give us of what he is guilty. Just spewing garbage out of their opinion minds & never any facts.

  • Paul Ryan is a sleazy politician, a perfect example of the swamp rat more interested in keeping his own power and wealth than doing what is good for the American people. He has corrupted Fox News from a position on its Board of Directors, and now he wants to influence Americans away from their own best interest.

  • He is now branded a RINO. Once that happens he will never be elected by the Republican voters he might as well switch parties he finished.

  • Ryan has been a classic AHOLE from day one. There is an old Irish saying…” What would expect from the PIG but the GRUNT”……….same thing here.

  • If I was Trump I would think long and hard before I run again. Look what has been done and said about him, his family, his wife who by far is the one of the best first lady we have had in recent years. If you like him or not compare the way things are different now. People were affended by things he said and talked , at least he could talk and knew what he was doing. I would vote for him no problem.

    • I’m going to vote 4 President Trump again this time no cheating there will b huge consequences if they do but u know they don’t care justice is coming!!!☠️☠️☠️

  • What makes Ryan think anyone is listening to him? He is nothing but a little boy who lost his marbles and can’t seem to find them. He should learn to keep quiet because every time he opens his mouth he just tells the world what a rat he really is.

  • Paul Ryan is very insignificant. No one wants to even hear this man’s name much less his opinion. Go Trump 2024! Take back the White House

  • Paul…
    You’re trying to be relevant again, & just trying to get attention!
    Kindly crawl back under your rock please… Sir!

  • Paul Ryan….”slime ball extroadinere”….[ A stinking gift, that never goes away?} :O{{


  • paul you just lost my help you make a statement like that only make some wounder if they should vote you better back trump if you ever want a nother dime from me

  • Looks like he just cut his throat. – He is going to find there are a lot more Trump supporters in the party then he thinks.

    If these swamp rats would get out in the country with We the People they might get a very rude awakening. ==== NONE OF US HA S ANY USE FOR THE DC ESTABLISHMENT!

  • Were does he get “on our side of the aisle” when he is no more a republican than joe the sleepy is. This guy did more to destroy the original republican party than anyone else. Out of his worthless leadership came our great President Trump! You keep going ryan and you can kiss the rest of that party good bye. It is now THE TRUMP PARTY!!

  • Paul Ryan is no better than a putrid pile of porcine poop. No integrity, cowardly, and a failure as even a politician, Paul Ryan is a disgrace to himself, his Party, and his country. Ryan went from a reasonably respected, if wishy-washy, Representative and Vice Presidential candidate to a left wing advocate in the Board room of Fox News. Paul Ryan is a bane on America.

  • Ryan has been a RINO from the beginning…he needs to join the Dems and make it official…
    Talk about ugly and threatening; try Soros, the Dems and their paid destroyers. Never seen so much ugly in my life. Sad to see the FBI and DOJ have joined them. Time to clean house. DC stinks…

  • Hey Ryan, Got news for you. DT WILL not only win the Primaries but he’s going to be President for the next several years-until all of you compromised criminals are in prison!!

  • Why is this traitor to the gop even being considered as a
    person of interest? He was a do nothing when in office and
    pathetic when there. Everyone knew his wife was a democrat
    and he followed her lead. I was so glad when he finally left office.
    Never had any respect for him and still don’t.

  • Paul Ryan…What a joke! He did nothing but pretend he supported President Trump. He’s from the old McConnell Washington establishment the “Do nothing” camp”. All these people in that same club just want to maintain a semblance of power and collect their money and benefits. For the people. We get the middle finger! President Trump is going to be nominated and his base will dominate. And when he wins, I hope he will keep his promise to clean out the bureaucratic swamp from top to bottom. I have no doubts that he will reverse our current President No. 46 programs to bring America back in line with reality and lower prices from the resources we already have underground i.e., “oil, coal, natural gas, etc” and other areas that need serious help, “crime, inflation, wokeism, gender changing, etc.” All I can think of is that Paul Ryan should keep his opinions to himself because they are useless when you are a RINO.

  • I am a lifelong Republican and have voted in every election, local, state, and federal without missing one since the election of 1972 and have never voted for a democrat in my life. I voted for Trump twice. Never again will I vote for that loser. I hate losers, Trump lost, I hate Trump. I don’t care if he lost by theft (Democrats always commit voter fraud) or if he actually lost which is what I believe. He lost because of his toxic personality and his lack of preparedness. Everyone knew Dems were going to cheat, they always do, and he didn’t take the necessary steps to prevent it. Then his incessant whining since he lost is disgusting. he is a male Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams both of which claimed fraud. He is disgusting. I am all in on DeSantis

  • Ryan is a RINO P.O.S., he undermined Trump all through his House Leadership position, he is really a Deep State RINO loser. He should join Liz Cheney in the closet DEM world as they do not represent any America First values!!

  • As much as I despise Ryan, I have to agree with him. If Trump doesn’t denounce the killer shots he is so proud of and stop picking deep state traitors, he is done.

  • This worthless pos RINO was the biggest obstacle to President Trump’s agenda. What a swamp certified piece of scum. Now he s pushing his business as usual deep state agent Fox along with Karl Rove. Cut the cord, get rid of Fox. Although Chris Ruddy who owns NewsMax isn’t much better.

  • p ryan in a kneeling cocksucker who did nothing positive the first 2 years of Trump’s administration, just negative. Compare him to the dems the next two. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Can’t wait for his. A rope and a tree, plenty of both in WI, I grew up there. repubs have been and still are a worthless party. A new Constitutionalist party is mandatory for the future if there is one.

  • When Ryan was still in congress I would listen to him being interviewed by talk show host Jay Webber on WISN AM. Webber would ask him why we couldn’t just focus on securing our border. Ryan would give squirrely answers about how we couldn’t just secure the border and then worry later about other issues like amnesty or whatever, but we needed “comprehensive” reform. So, there is a weasel aspect to the man. He is to blame along with other RINO’s like John McCain for blocking Trump’s agenda. Jokers like him have more negative things to say about Trump than about Biden! Think about that! When is the last time he has spoken out about the disaster that is the Democrat party agenda? The same goes for Mitt Romney. This country needs better–much better!

  • Paul Ryan was known as a phony all along and many thought that putting in a position of power was absolutely stupid like he is.

  • LMAO! Ryan was a known RINO when he ran for president! He must be looking in the mirror! Pretty sure he has DEMOCRAT stamped on his rear!

  • Bullshit Ryan u worthless piece of crap where were u when the election was stolen? Comforting the cheating democrats!!! Shut the F U



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