Logical people appreciate that a gradual shift to more environmentally friendly sources of energy would be good. However, the radical left has twisted the debate over a common-sense transition to renewable energy.

Under the broad topic of climate change, the progressive left is pushing for a dangerously rapid transition.

They want it all, and they want it now. There is no consideration for the financial devastation that an unrealistically rapid shift would cause.

Most of the climate change clowns are wealthy elitists. They can afford to make a rapid transition to all renewable energy sources because they can afford it.

However, the majority of Americans will be hard-pressed to financially survive such drastic changes.

But that’s not stopping Joe Biden. Under the guise of the “Green New Deal,” the Biden agenda has attempted to sneak radical climate change policies inside massive spending bills. Thankfully, a couple of common-sense Democrats pushed back.

Biden’s Build Back Better legislation was stuffed with billions to fund this radical shift in energy policy. Because of Senators like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, it failed.

Without the ability to use the proper channels for such dramatic social changes, the left is looking elsewhere.

Now, Biden is trying to hang this burden on the American people through an executive order. He doesn’t have that power, but he’s reportedly going to try. Biden is scheduled to make a trip to Somerset, Massachusetts.

According to reports from the White House, he is going to make a speech about “tackling the climate crisis and seizing the opportunity of a clean energy future to create jobs and lower costs for families.” This is the same moron who killed thousands of energy jobs the day he took office.

The radical left has no intention of boosting the economic welfare of Americans by creating “clean energy jobs.” The number of clean energy jobs they propose to create, compared to those jobs lost by Biden’s attack on the fossil fuel industry, is nominal at best.

The U.S. Senate is working on legislative measures to promote a more gradual shift. This is unacceptable to climate change radicals.

They insist on an “all right now approach.” The White House says that if nothing is done, Biden may declare a national climate emergency.

But there’s a lot more to this than just an emergency declaration. This proposed “climate change emergency” is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

It is a total power grab by the Biden administration. American families will suffer tremendously. This is about clean energy. It’s about control.

In February, the Center for Biological Diversity published a report that outlined the radical agenda being considered by the Biden administration.

The report said that “declaring an emergency would authorize the Biden administration to execute key climate executive actions.”

Such an order would give Biden the sole capacity to limit all fossil fuel imports and exports. Joe Biden could suspend all offshore drilling leases, which account for 11 million acres of federal waters used by critical energy suppliers.

Biden could also reinstate a crude oil export ban that Congress voted to repeal. Ironically, all of these threats to use executive action came one day after Joe Manchin revealed that he would not support a bill that spends billions on unrealistic climate change policies.

This isn’t an effort to help the world move towards cleaner sources of energy. Joe Biden and the left are using climate change as a tool to control society.

Their abrupt call for change will destroy the lives of millions of Americans. Radical climate change policies are part of a bigger plan.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • . . . . . or their yachts, their chauffer-driven limousines, 25,000 sq ft homes, etc.

      If people want a vision of the World Economic Forum’s view of the future, watch the movie called the “Hunger Games”. It won’t take long for people to figure out which end the system they will end up in.

  • I don’t think Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe should shut the whole thing down. The oil companies should do it. Let the gas and diesel stations run dry. Stop pumping and refining oil. America runs on trucks. Give corrupt Quid Pro what he wants. Am America without oil. Tell Corrupt quid Pro even a court order will not get the oil workers back to work. Only when America hits rock bottom will the masses of this country enough is enough and it’s time for a 2nd American Revolution against the government.

    • You have it Right, yes indeed! The infantile Americans will not wake up until they are eating out of dumpsters I wager.

    • Great minds think alike i was saying this to a friend the other day then you would see a civil war here LOL

    • Agree. It would bring the commie to his knees in short order.

      If by a miracle we were to get a veto proof congress the first think I would hope they would do is end all subsidies to wokemobiles…..If they are so great people will pay whatever it tales to get one. Want a new Corvette? They sell for above retail. – even 1 and 2 year old Corvettes STILL go for above brand new list price so why is it hard to give a used EV away? 5 and even cretin 10 year old Corvettes still go for more then the holy grail of the wokiesm, a brand new Tesla. You know why? Because EVs are no where near ready for the general public. They are only rich boys toys. Hybrids ,,,, Maybe,,,,But plug in golf carts on steroids. Forget it. They cannot survive without the other over95% of the country chipping in so the rich wokies can drive these golf carts to their kerosene guzzling jets and dump tons of carbon into the air.

      One more time. These play toys are not ready for general use on American highways so why do we have to subsidize them?

    • Jo doesn’t run anything, who you see on Tv is a body double, or clone. That person is a puppet of Barry Soebaka Soetoro (son of Lolo Soetoro) Obummer Parks who calls the shots. So stop blaming Jo.

  • Here you go folks – FACTS from those who used to side with the LEFT.

    Grazing animals are creating desert wastelands! Not true – in fact the exact opposite is true.

    Renewable Energy will save the planet and drive down energy costs! Wrong again.

    • And electric cars are more detrimental to climate than gas powered vehicles per the science which the left and woke won’t believeunless it’s convenient. Besides, if we all drove electric vehicles presupposing they are affordable, it would drain all the electricty from the power grid which doesn’t make sence to thinking Americans. Woke clmate creatons are determined to make America the wastand full of illegals and put us back to the Old West days where you have to carry to survive.

        • Check with DC Fontanna. She wrote quite a few Star Trek episodes. ,,,, Or they make some OUTSTANDING Radio Controlled models if you can’t wait a couple of centuries,,, Hell, I;m betting some joker should have a workable 2 passenger electric sport planes that will work almost as well as a low performance trainer glider in 20 years or so. Just make sure you are on short final a hour before the sun goes down.

          Beam us up Mr Spok. No engineering savey down here.

  • Even if Biden doesn’t have that power he can do it anyway as the GOP certainly won’t object as they sat quiet thru all his executive orders to date. But the GOP can do what they do best and that is investigate after the fact that does nothing but waste time and money. The GOP has never figured out that people go with the winners and a month later won’t remember the losers. After decades of thinking the nice quy will win but losing they still haven’t figure out people like winners.

  • The whole ” CO2 /Greenhouse Gas” Climate change is a LIE and was disproven Years ago. Plants need CO2 to produce Oxygen for all living creatures and it increases the growth rate of plants as a balance for life on Earth. All odorless colorless gasses have the same heat absorption/reflection index of .01 whereas water vapor has an index of 1.00 , 100 times that of all gasses in our atmosphere. This whole Climate change is a SCAM by the Government and Greenies to Make tons of Money on “Carbon Credits” off the backs of the people while they flaunt it in our faces. It is time to serve an EVICTION Notice on all these Crooks that perpetrate lies and pure BS !

    • Meanwhile, China and India, and others will STILL be pumping out untolled tons of pollutants, selling us crappy goods, taking all that Carbon Credit money with a big grin, and not spending a cent to clean up their act.

    • I wonder if all those “CO2 is poison” climate alarmists stopped or avoid DRINKING ALL SOFT DRINKS?!?!

      I hope that they realize that ALL soft drinks (Coca Cola, Pepsi, Faygo, Canada Dry, etc.) contain PURPOSELY MANUFACTURED CARBON DIOXIDE in order to make those “carbonated” soft drinks.

      If not they need to quittheirbitchin” about the hazards of the “POISON” CO2!!

      If CO2 was really a “poison” why do they BUY it ti consume it in soft drinks?!

      ANY climate alarmists willing to answer THIS question?! NO?

      I didn’t think so!!!!

      • Not only that, but every breath these climate alarmist take exhales CO2. If they really cared about saving the planet, they would all quit breathing.

    • If you had 4th grade science you know that CO2 is life, without it the earth would be brown. Plants and trees need it to exist and we need the oxygen they supply. If the LEFT really wanted to get rid of some of the CO2 then why don’t they plant more trees. Oh….no one would get rich on that project . silly me.

      • Thank you Grace. It is about time the city folks learn how important CO2 is and stop paving over grass and cutting down leafy plants to lay fake lawns so they don’t have to cut the grass or prune plants.

    • THAT, dear RIC, IS the plan of the leftists and they are doing a great job of it so far, sad to say!

      • ARJAY, you are absolutely right. the Left has a mission to destroy AMERICA and our CULTURE, bringing us to our knees in suffering. ALL A PART OF THEIR AGENDA, AND BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is behind it all along with SOROS, SUSAN RICE, ERIC HOLDER, the CLINTONS, and many other evil elite predators that none of this will effect. God help us all and GOD BLESS AMERICA. hurry hurry hurry PRESIDENT TRUMP. if we have one chance in Hell, it’s our President Trump and God, or we’re done. DONE. ALL OF THIS is being done with OUR TAXPAYER MONEY. They work for US! yet do all of this without OUR approval. only the DORMANT AMERICANS have no clue. dumber than dirt.

  • All this climate BS is coming out of George Sorros and Barack Hussein Obamas orders given directly to the Dumb ass in charge. Sorros has been trying to destroy America for many years now and he’s found a way to do that through Biden, afterwards they’ll discard Biden like trash. Now the Communist Democrats are planning to promote and groom Michelle (Michael) Obama to run for PRESIDENT in 2024, this will give Barack Obama a fourth term if It’s (Michael) Michelle is elected.! And who’ll vote for the thing? The Black’s of course and stupid white people. The indoctrinated and government dependent will never learn then we can kiss our ass goodbye as all blame will be White Serpremist fault and racist wars will begin. Get out and vote republican this November.

    • Michael, I agree with you. The Obamas are chomping at the bit to get back in the drivers seat for all to see, and they just love the adulation the the stupid masses pour upon them 🤮. One other point to Daniel, the author of this piece: please don’t assume that “logic” has anything to do with “clean renewables”. It doesn’t.



  • I think its time the people of this country forced that fraud out of the WH before wee dont have a country left enough is enough of sitting back watching them destroy our country..

    • The Dems should have thought of that before they put Bidumb up as their candidate!
      Then they paired him with Camelface, and both of them hated each other!
      Now they would love to get rid of Bidumb, but Camelface would then become pResident.
      If they got rid of Bidumb and Camelface, then Peelousy would move up to pResident… they don’t want THAT mess either!
      Perhaps the Dems could arrange an “accident” that would take all three of them out at the same time.
      Just ask Hitlery how that should happen!

    • Dont hold your breath for the Republicans to reverse any of this damage even if they do regain the majorities in Congress. They are barely better than the dems.

        • That’s why I am, and have been for term limits in both congress and the senate. The two at the top now, I refuse even to say their names, just calling them chair number 1 and chair number 2.

  • XiOBiden just sold Red Communist China 1 Million barrels from our Strategic Reserve to Red China to put in THEIR Oil Reserve, while begging the Saudi’s and Russia is selling THEIR Oil at the same time, while we suffer! How F’n stupid is that? Even more tyrannical is that this is meant to destroy us! People better wake the H**l up! We are being dismantled piece by piece on purpose! Wake Up!

  • The truth is that green energy has NOT been developed enough to power our nation’s electrical needs much less the EV’s that put out more pollution than gas powered cars do. They would have to clear 3/4’s of our green life to install enough wind turbines and solar plants which would reduce the conversion of carbon down so far that it would mandate killing off millions of people and animals as the earth could not produce the oxygen levels needed to sustain life. It seems that we may not have the option of life or death if liberals keep destroying our food sources and cutting off our supply lines. The biggest mistake our nation has ever made was to allow liberals a foot hold in our government.

    • Share these videos with those on the LEFT. I cam across them yesterday. The author in each appears to have been a believer in the propaganda of the LEFT.

      Grazing animals are creating desert wastelands! Not true – in fact the exact opposite is true.

      Renewable Energy will save the planet and drive down energy costs! Wrong again.

    • But remember. If Biden shuts down major portions of the economy with an executive Climate Change order, the MSM will declare he has achieved an incredible transition. The MSM will simply ignore the disastrous consequences.
      Think it won’t happen? Once it was obvious Barack lied and every one was losing their doctors and healthcare plans, the media ignored the lie. Their gushing coverage about the wonders of Obamacare were like declaring the Titanic was a success because “people arrived in New York.” No mention that the ship sank, more than half the people died, etc.
      The MSM do the same thing with our open southern border. Nothing is Biden’s fault. There is no crisis, everything is fine, etc, etc.

    • AMEN! There is only one man that can control the world and that is God himself. I do know from the Bible you don’t hurt God’s People! Everyone who is in the White House, and in the Capital needs to be thrown out and redo the whole place to be renamed the house of American People only! And also if anyone own a plane or more than they should have can’t be in the White House nor the Capital. These people are stealing from the AMERICAN people who work everyday. Let’s get something done and vote these idiots out.

  • If the GOP wins big we should pass a Constitutional amendment giving the members of the House and Senate two terms PERIOD. Limit a presidents executive orders to one a month.

  • Do you think that he would change his mind if he read the NASA report on the earths rotation around the sun and the earths tilt being the cause of “climate” change? The information is out there but no one in power wants to know about it :(.

    • Is that why Cleveland is not still under a glacier like it was a few million years ago? I thought was because the dinosaurs learned to burn coal. ,,,,, No wait, They are what some of coal and oil are made of. Just what did the dinosaurs do to get the carbon into the air and cause the glaciers to melt? Since there were no humans it had to be the dinosaurs . The climate is 1000% stable unless someone causes it to change. Just ask any wokie.

      You have to be wrong about this tilt thing. Any wokie will tell you there is There is no such thing as non man made climate change, and they know everything.

  • Question? How do they propose to dispose of the millions of gas powered vehicles, construction equipment, etc including their toxic batteries, fuel, oil, rubber tires, etc? How and Where will those be disposed? Have never seen this discussed.

    • They will bury them in the NV desert like they did nuclear waste that can’t be broken down. They didn’t care about the population of the State of NV back then and they won’t care now. You don’t see it anything about their disposal plans because they don’t want to have the public know how toxic the batteries are or parts of solar panels that have reached their end of life and must be replaced. They don’t publish what goes into just building one EV battery…from the mining, to amount of material needed, to the toxic waste level when it needs to be replaced, to the amount of fossil fuel needed to charge the battery, and the issues when an EV catches fire including the problems of getting the fire out and to stay out. I can’t afford an EV and don’t want one for a number of reasons including those that I have referenced. Where are the people that stand up against the deplorable conditions that exist to mine the toxic materials to build these batteries? They can walk around in vagina hats and in misplaced protests because the Supreme Court gave the responsibility for abortion back to the States where it belongs, but they can’t protest what happens to produce these batteries. People need to join and participate in responsible actions to bring the issue to light and flood Congress with phone calls and letter objecting to what is happening. Speak through your vote.

  • The millionaire Marxists will NOT go by the laws they force on us deplorables. They live in walled-in houses but won’t allow us to be protected by a border wall. They have armed guards providing them with security but won’t allow us to be armed. They fly around in private jets and drive gas-guzzling limos but want us to use electric cars with the power of a lawn mower!

  • Why don’t we just power down the White House, prevent Biden from using the “Beast” to go anywhere and eliminate all fuels from Air Force One. That way Hypocrite Joe would have to ride an ass to his climate change meetings!

  • Biden is senile. He fumbles reading the teleprompter, shakes hands with the air, loses his way on the WH lawn. It is WH backroom activists pulling his strings, destroying our economy, working overtime to establish a “liberal world order”.

  • He is declaring a climate “emergency” because that enables him to use Presidential “emergency” powers to do an end run around Congress and the Constitution and govern by executive order–Obama’s favorite tactic, so of course his senile sock puppet PROXY is going down that same path!

  • Few seem to understand we have a nut job infantile lib running America! So, what would you expect from him? I see it as we the people voted for him to take over!!


  • Check the geoengineeringwatch.org web site with Dane Wigington to learn the Truth about “climate change.”

  • joe does what he is told to do. Executive orders are placed in front of him and he is told “sign them.” Everyone knows that joe is a puppet for the”deep state.” It is long past due for old feeble joe to go home and have another ice cream cone.

  • They have serious mental problem and it is “I want what I want and I want it now” Also damn the torpedoes , full steam ahead and do not use a compass .
    That is a phrase (from AA and NA and can be very dangerous if not cured with therapy and counselling immediately

  • We don’t have a climate crisis. We have a Biden crisis. The climate problems today are deliberately caused by evil people. There are weather machines located in quite a few places located all over the world where someone zeroes in on a location and presses a button for whatever weather catastrophe they want to cause devastation in that part of the world.

  • Not only crazy enough, but certainly dumb enough. This moron never held real job in private sector, but found rescue in government where only failure is always rewarded.

  • There is NO SUCH THING as “Renewable ENERGY” – It’s a total joke. Energy has to be available 24/7 in whatever quantities the consumer (we the people and US Industry) needs whenever we need it or it’s useless. ( Nuclear Power has a 99% reliability factor to the less then 40% of Wind and Solar)

    Just like electric cars, “green energy” both are just rich boys toys and not energy at all. To be classed as energy it has be available all the time. ,,, It’s just a pipe dream of the little retarded girl from Sweden and cannot stand on it;s own. If it is so good why does the “gubment” have to pay people to use it? And even then (when it’s actually running) it’s more expensive then any other power source. Just ask a German what happened to their electric bill when the country went “green”.

    Hey ,,,, Never saw anybody get a subsidy to buy a new Corvette? – Fact is you have to pay to get on the list and it will cost you more then retail. Show me an EV that will sell without giving the buyer tax money paid by the rest of the country to buy it. Cut the sunsidies and all the electric car manufacturers will be broke in under 3 months.

    When green “energy” stops being a massive liability people will start using it without being forced into it. – Until then it’s just the latest fad for the wokies and it’s not energy at all. It’s just a trendy toy.

  • Exactly what he wants… total control. I believe he’ll have a civil war on his hands before all of this is over.

  • The problem is not the source of energy we use; it is the amount of energy we use. When we use energy, it ultimately ends up as heat and it warms the environment.

    Think of the old frog boiling saying – if you heat the water gradually the frog will boil before it knows it is in trouble. It doesn’t matter if the heat is from burning wood, oil or gas or from electricity or even fission. If you apply enough heat the frog will be boiled.

    We are using more energy than at any time in the existence of the human race. We are putting more heat into the environment than at any time in the existence of the human race. Homo sapiens does not have enough “sapiens” to figure out why the environment is getting warmer. Maybe Homo sapiens should be renamed Homo forest gump.

    • So you actually fell for the “man made global warming”

      Sorry Bukey, but your explanation is not true.

      First if you take a physics lesson and you will find “Energy does Work” Now, I’ll give it to you if you want to qualify it as the amount of work produced,,,,but you kind of missed the part of energy does work, and today we use LESS energy to produce the work then we did in the past. I can give you one thing that I’m betting is in the room with you right now. We used to have these heaters that made a little bit of light all over the place 90% heat. 10% light. They were called “Light Bulbs” now we make even more light with way less heat, and use WAY less electricity. 90% light to 10% heat. They are called LEDs.

      I don’t know if you are old enough to remember the vacuum tube. All TVs and Radios used them and there were millions of them running all the time day and night all over the world. TONS of heat with almost no light at all.(Actually they we not made to light anything) Then came the transistor Much lower “wasted” power and almost no heat,,,,and after that the integrated circuit that I bet you call a “Chip” A TV today takes less power then a kitchen radio did in 1955.

      Since you kind missed all that I will not even try to go into the efficiency of electric motors, or even blast furnaces,,,,or the electric furnace vs the old open hearth for alloy steel production. So sure, We are using more juice, but it is doing WAY more work. Even the cars use 1/3 the gas they used to,,,,We would have to be producing a good 6 to 8 times more energy then we were in 1960 to get today’s work done,,,,which we are not.

      Want to know a fact that doesn’t fit your theory at all. We are tearing down coal and fuel oil power plants. We lost 3 in the Greater Cleveland area in the last 5 years,,,,and there is NOTHING here to replace them. The lights are still on 24/7,

      And this is Cleveland. There are only 5 larger wind turbines I know of and let me clue you in on something. Well over half the time when you drive past them they are inert. This aint Chicago the windy city, you know. And this is Cleveland. If you don’t like the weather hang around a half hour and it will change. Even the NASA Lewis lab gor rid of their experimental solar plant.


      The point is we are actually producing less juice then we were years ago and things are still running.

  • Biden is doing the bidding of the Chi Coms because they own him via all the bribe money they paid him and his family they paid him and his family.

  • Sadly, since this article was written, Joe Manchin has caved to the Green New Deal crew. We can only hope Synema will stay strong against it. Manchin just threw his constituents under the bus.

  • Your first sentence is false, “Logical people appreciate that a gradual shift to more environmentally friendly sources of energy would be good.”
    CO2 is the life giving gas on this planet and “environmentally friendly sources of energy”, ie wind and solar, are not environmentally friendly, cost effective or reliable.
    Stop siding with the watermelons!
    Coal, Oil and Natural Gas support our energy needs to live long and prosper.

  • Biden is senile. It’s not him it is extreme activists in the WH backroom who are calling the shots to ruin our country. “​​This is about the future of the liberal world order and we have to stand firm.”,Brian Deese, director of the White House National Economic Council.

  • Seems few to none Democrats have ever taken science as any class in school.

    Zero understanding of chemistry or biology leads them to assume they know how things work.

    This is the logic of Drilling holes in a boat to let the water out! That sounds good, but!

  • Not only crazy enough, but dumb and compromised enough. He has to do whatever he is told to do or else, his corrupt cat will be out of a bag and entire Biden family corruption will be blown out into the public view. That’s where he is, do as we say or else.

  • I also noticed in a prominent TV show I watched last night the phrase “Christian Way” when referring to the name of a terrorist group trying to bomb a political figure.



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