Gas prices in the United States have skyrocketed to an all-time high. The pain Americans are feeling “at the pump” has nothing to do with what Joe Biden’s White House puppets say. Painful price increases for all types of fuel began long before Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine.

It is not the “Putin Price Hike.” That’s just one of many “Joe Biden B.S. slogans.” The reason Americans are being financially devastated by high gas prices is because of Biden’s radically progressive policies.

The progressive left is trying to ramrod their pitiful “Green New Deal” down America’s throat. Coupled with the unhinged government spending by the Biden administration, astronomically high gas prices are fueling 40-year inflation records.

America’s economy is being wrecked by Biden’s energy policy. So, what does he do to help ease the burden on Americans? The same clown who ended the Keystone Pipeline and shut off drilling permits on federal lands is another destructive U.S. energy decision.

Joe Biden and his climate change neurotics are proposing another shut down. The Biden administration announced its intention to close the West Texas Permian Basin. The West Texas Permian Basin accounts for roughly 95,000,000 gallons of gasoline per day.

That’s 40 percent of U.S. domestic oil production. From a country that is just months removed from being energy independent under President Trump, Joe Biden has decimated America’s energy stability. It is the single-most destructive policy agenda in the history of the White House.

This is not by accident. Joe Biden and the radical left are instituting every single energy policy and decision on purpose. They do not care about how much hardship the American people endure. They want their radical new energy policy to take over.

These policies will not only bankrupt the country, but also most of America’s middle class. This is what many economic experts fear could trigger an eventual recession into a nationwide depression.

But Biden’s clueless blowhards keep telling Americans not to worry. If we don’t want to pay $10 for a gallon of gas, we can just pony up $60,000 for a new electric car. That’s beyond unrealistic. It’s insane. Millions of Americans cannot afford this expenditure.

Biden and the climate clowns know that. It’s part of an underlying agenda interwoven with their Green New Deal. Force Americans to make hard choices or be driven into poverty. On the campaign trail, Joe Biden said emphatically that he would end fossil fuels at all costs.

He meant it. The cost would even be the destruction of the country. It’s possibly the most senseless abuse of power in the history of the U.S. presidency. On one hand, the Biden puppets act sympathetically towards the hardships Americans are facing.

But then, they propose atrocious policies that will make things worse. Texas Governor Greg Abbott called out the Biden administration for their blatant hypocrisy. Abbott said, “You say that you want to bring refineries back online to get more gas to the pump at lower prices.”

Abbott has vowed to take action against Biden’s EPA from enacting this destructive proposal. The Texas governor is committed to “protect the production of oil, and the gasoline that comes from it.” The truth behind this horrible policy is being disguised as an “EPA proposal” It’s not.

More officials must push back against these radical climate policies before it’s too late. Otherwise, we’re going to watch our nation as it melts away. Joe Biden and the radical progressive left are determined to destroy the country. PERIOD!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Now, I am in no way trying to give this current pResident of the White House a pass on this but, never forget that this doing was always one of the Kenyan’s agenda items.

    • NOPE !!!! This cluster F**K is ALL ON BIDEN !!!!! PERIOD !!!!

  • Shame on this man for doing this. We are no where near a different form of energy yet and he doesn’t know the engineering and science that will replace someday oil and gas . Oil and gas are used for so many things and he is totally ignorant of this and is gravely hiring our Country . It’s very shameful what he is doing and selfishness based on pure leftist politics.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong but with the Supreme Court decision West Virginia v EPA gutting government agencies ability to impose their arbitrary regulations , which agency would have the authority to shut down the West Texas Permian Basin? EPA, Dept of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management? Wouldn’t decisions have to now go back to congress and pass a bill to regulate the shutting down of the West Texas Permian Basin or anywhere else for that matter?

  • Biden and all his people ( DEMOCRATS ) need to be hung for treason. There is no question about it. PERIOD.

  • King Biden at it again. 81 million voters dead or alive should be ashamed of themselves for allegedly electing the most UnAmerican president in the entire history of the United States.

  • How can Biden do this? What can be done to put a stop to him??? This is terrible for everyone.

  • Who in God’s name is running this country.????? It sure as hell isn’t Biden..!! He has no idea what he is doing.
    Whoever is in his ear….obviously Hates America and has a Huge Grudge against us. Perhaps an Ex President…Or a Ex President First Lady..and I am not referring to the Trump’s.
    This has got to Stop. !!! Or We need Our Troops to Stop this Shit. When are the Impeachment proceedings going to start.??? Start w/ Biden..Harris..Pelosi & Schumer.???? Than we can get next list ready..and so forth. Squad, coming after you.

  • Americans know what they have here in this current Administration and Cabinet from top to bottom and the policies and lack of any form of leadership is on display and there is an agenda that been in place and carefully orchestrated by a totally progressive left led by so called “elite’s whose only agenda has been to obtain power at any cost and in so doing attempting to cast down the one bastion of liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness for every individual written on a document that has stood the test of time for over 220 yrs called the “Constitution” and the ilk we are witnessing now are self serving political hacks who have little regard for the USA or its people and we know it.

  • The 3rd term of the Obama and Biden Admin need to wear Copper Colored warm up Clothing ^5

  • Biden says “BOHICA”
    For those that don’t understand – That means “Bend Over, Here It Comes Again”!!!!!

  • It is time to stop using nice words and sayings to get our message across to these b$$t pl××s. We’re is the rest of our so called conservative America First Government? It’s time we take our country back. No one is going to help us. Don’t depend on the mid terms to get it done. The criminals in our government have it rigged already.
    So what are we going to do boys and girls?
    Our so called elected officials are breaking Federal Laws as they please . We are drowning in ILLEGAL ALLIENS and the scam bags in Washington are caring for them more than American citizens. Money and benefits that are meant for American children are being given to them. Well I say [email protected] and if that makes me a racist, so be it. All you Demacrust Liberturds can eat my shorts.
    We need to play by our own rules and take our country back.
    All you folks in the military don’t for one 1/2 a second think they give two shots about you either, you are just a tool. You need to stand with us while we care for and protect your families. You government will not, not for a second.

    • When the Counterfeit president in our White House bankrupts America do not think for a moment, that he is safe, the nation will have a revolution like none before and liberals will find out its not nice to pull the tail of the Tiger, it will cost you big time!

  • Brandon is a sick, crazy, stupid SoB. He really is trying to destroy the American people and make America ripe for Communism. The Chinese paid the Biden family off very effectively.

  • This is what the elites wanted so they can be the only ones on the Hi ways of America, of course the scum running the nation use credit cards paid for by the taxpayers to fuel their cars, so it does not hurt their pocketbook!

    • Amen.! Randy, I’ve been saying that for months now. At 65 years old it’s hard for me to get around but I still stand my ground and the Oath I took when I joined the Army and again as a Texas Peace Officer still holds strong Today.

  • Every government vehicle, plane, helicopter, etc that uses fossil fuel should be grounded immediately! That means no more Air Force One, Two etc, no more helicopters, etc. for the dumocrap assholes to go anywhere. That might make the head jackass realize that without fossil fuel, nothing is transported anywhere.



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