It’s a pretty big statement to say that Joe Biden is still his own worst enemy. By accident, Biden compromised the legal basis for his pledge to cancel student debt.

Scott Pelley, the host of “60 Minutes,” interviewed Biden. Since he was able to visit the Detroit Auto Show last week, Biden was questioned if indeed the pandemic is “over.” This event hadn’t taken place since 2019, making this one the first time it’s taken place since then.

The pandemic is “over,” according to Biden, without exception.

“The pandemic is over. We still have a problem with COVID. We’re still doing a lotta work on it,” Biden said.

“But the pandemic is over. If you notice, no one’s wearing masks. Everybody seems to be in pretty good shape,” he continued. “And so I think it’s changing. And I think this is a perfect example of it.”

There are some consequences to this statement assuming what he said is true.

Biden stated last month that he would waive $10,000 in student loan debt for each borrower making less than  $125,000 annually.

The legal basis for Biden’s plan was made public by the Biden regime the same day it was announced. A memo from the Education Department asserted that the HEROES Act of 2003, a post-9/11 law, existed. This permits the cancellation of many debts.

The memo said: “The HEROES Act, first enacted in the wake of the September 11 attacks, provides the Secretary broad authority to grant relief from student loan requirements during specific periods (a war, other military operation, or national emergency, such as the present COVID-19 pandemic) and for specific purposes (including to address the financial harms of such a war, other military operation, or emergency).

Since the Act’s adoption, the Secretary of Education has made use of this power to grant borrowers relief in the event of a war, other military action, or a national emergency, including the ongoing moratorium on student loan payments and interest.

The consequences of Biden’s admission were explained by Charles Cooke in National Review.

“But, even if one were to ignore all [of the questions of legality], one could still not get past the fact that the powers to which Biden laid claim can be applied only when there is an active emergency, and that the active emergency Biden is citing has now passed,” Cooke wrote.

So, Biden may have messed that up entirely, but we’ll just have to see how it all plays out.


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  • the Rich get richer while the poor are kept in their place by them while they still keep their voting base by promising to give them free everything that gets paid for by the working class

  • I simply can’t understand how someone making 1/8th of a million dollars annually cannot pay off their own damned student debt.

    I went GI Bill and working nights to get my education. I’m pizzed to have to pay taxes to support some freeloaders just to get votes for Dimmercrats.

    F J B and Democrats everywhere forevermore.

    • The PARASITES in the STOOGE SQUAD and take a Flying Leap off a Shot Pier along with their pretending president joey (Joe China) xbiden. No One deserves FREE Nothing from anyone and Especially the Democratic
      Socialist/Communist Party Parasites .

  • The PARASITES in the STOOGE SQUAD and take a Flying Leap off a Shot Pier along with their pretending president joey (Joe China) xbiden. No One deserves FREE Nothing from anyone and Especially the Democratic
    Socialist/Communist Party Parasites .

  • Xbinden , Could and Would screw up a WET Dream. Joey probably cried to the Government to pay off his Student Loans. So Poor little boys Mommy and Daddy didn’t have to Pay. Boo Hoo poor little Syster.

  • More than half of those getting a student loan forgiveness can’t even pass a third grade exam.
    Has anyone seen Larry Elder shows segment of college students being asked;
    What states fought in the Civil War.?
    What year did America gain it’s independence.?
    What country did America fight for it’s independence.?
    How much is 3+3+3.?
    How many moons does the earth have.?
    Can you name 5 American states.?
    What 2 countries border the United States.?
    Who fought in the Spanish American War.?
    And there was more questions however every different student failed ., They didn’t know the answers and they want the working class to pay their loans off.?
    F*** You Biden and the Communist Democrats and Rinos.!

  • His puppet masters will have his handlers walk it back like 90% of his other Freudian slips. All his followers will believe them and never connect the dots that the man is sick and needs more help than just how to get off a stage, or how he has all but destroyed this country in a mere 20 months.

  • Make Quid Pro Joe take the money he and his crack head kid pay the loans from the money they have stolen from the taxpayers

  • I didn’t go to college, I have no children so no debt there but I’m responsible for the lazy leftists loans who are making up to twice what I make? Really… while I’m at it, since I don’t have kids, why do I have to pay 62% of my property taxes to the department of indoctrination?



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