More illegal border crossings have happened under the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris administration than any other in the history of the U.S. The wave of illegal migrants spewing across our southern border is astonishing. These are reported encounters.

The estimates of “gotaways,” border violators who were not caught, are anywhere between 500,000 and a few million. Joe Biden’s open border policy is flooding America with millions of illegal migrants. But his administration continues to insist the border is secure.

It is not. The evidence is overwhelming. The false narrative coming out of the mouths of Biden’s appointed border clown show isn’t fooling most Americans. Even the “head border clown,” Kamala Harris, is doing absolutely nothing. That’s the true Biden border policy.

Do nothing but insist that you are. Most of the border encounters are “economic migrants,” people suffering from unfortunate circumstances, but illegal migrants who do not qualify for asylum. These types of people make up the vast majority of those seeking entry.

So, why are they being permitted to stay? Why are these people making such a treacherous journey without a guaranteed entry into the U.S.? It’s because there is an unspoken guarantee that Joe Biden is going to let them stay.

A Conservative Spanish Talk Show Host, George Rodriguez, interviewed hundreds of illegal border crossers. What Rodriquez’s interviews revealed was a human trafficking scheme defined by Biden/Harris border policies.

Despite being dropped off all over the United States, these illegal migrants are being given handouts. There is also no VISA requirement for entry into the U.S. Virtually every migrant interviewed could only speak Spanish.

These people are poorly educated and impoverished. Nearly 100 percent of the illegal migrants being allowed into America lack any vocational skills. Assimilation into American culture will be more than just challenging.

It’s going to be essentially impossible. Why would an administration allow millions of people who will be like an anchor on the nation’s resources to come? What type of sick government would actually encourage people to make a dangerous journey to essentially leave them homeless?

This is not some kind of policy mistake. There isn’t anything accidental about the Biden/Harris border policy. It is a radical scheme by the progressive left to permanently alter America’s cultural demographics. Joe Biden’s liberal-driven open border policy is a political ploy.

Democrats hope to flood the U.S. with millions of illegal migrants. Soon, legislative steps will be taken to allow these non-citizens the right to vote in our nation’s cherished elections. Progressive policies will give these people handout after handout.

Being poorly educated and largely illiterate, they will not be able to appreciate the problems that trouble our country. These illegal migrants, gifted with the right to vote, will blindly elect Democrats. These non-citizens will not comprehend who or what they are voting for.

As the radically progressive wing of the Democrat Party takes control of every facet of our government, they will launch their socialist agenda. A form of communism will be the new reality. America as a free and democratic democracy will be destroyed. This is not an ideology.

This is a purposeful scheme. Illegal migrants making the dangerous journey to the U.S. are being lured by idle promises. This is international human trafficking designed to permanently change the U.S. It is a humanitarian crisis. Furthermore, this fiasco is a federal crime.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I understand WHY most people come here from other countries; they simply want a better life. Unfortunately, they are not doing it the same way as others did many years ago.

    When my father came here, it was because he applied and was legally issued a green card. In addition, my father NEVER received one penny from the government – FOR ANYTHING! He worked hard, learned the English language, and built himself a life and supported his family.

    Today, the illegals coming here were not invited, nor have the skills/ education that will enable them to earn a living wage. As a result, they become a burden to our welfare system, from food stamps, to medicare, to education for their children.

    Worse yet, the jobs they get will be for cash – no money going back into the government providing them with the benefits they take. This only speeds up our journey into financial ruin. When Americans need welfare – the same Americans who have been supporting the system with hard work and tax dollars – where will it be? BROKE!

    • Most of these coming are arriving with the intent to be supported in the style to which they wa.nt to become accustomed, unlike your Dad, & so many among whom I grew up in the wake of WW II, or those who came before them. Those were dirt poor too, for the most part, & many spoke little or no English at 1st. Their kids came to school with us, no special treatment; there was no time for that, & just 1 teacher with 30-50 kids in the class. But kids pick up new languages quick. They played with us, watched American TV (no foreign language programming or channels back then), & caught on quickly. It was a “badge of honor” for the household that the kids spoke “American”, even while parents were still struggling. They got jobs, worked hard, bought homes, paid taxes, & CELEBRATED the 4th of July fully! No one gave any of them a handout; but there were a lot of hands up, & those immigrants thrived. The ones invading unlawfully are not coming here to build & make a better place. Far too many of them were criminals before they broke out laws to get here, & continue that; others just make a beeline to the welfare offices, & complain the handouts don’t meet their expectations.
      2 very different classes of people entirely. The ones like your Dad are welcome; the other sort, NOT at all!

    • We need another Ellis Island (and a different president!) where immigrants were thoroughly vetted according to our Constitution, before being given US residency and allowed into the States that wanted them, and back then, almost all, if not all, the States wanted them. Then they had to meet certain criteria to become nationalized. Then the children of these immigrants became US citizens. But only the children of those born in the US could run for President. Some of the criteria for residency included reciting the pledge of allegiance and promising to assimilate into our country. They could always keep their religion, with one exception: that their “religion” did not call for attacks on what they called US “infidels.” I’m sure you know which group was banned from even entering the US. But, today, they’re in every level of our politics.

  • How about interviewing those coming from non-Spanish speaking countries?
    Because I’m just guessing here that not ALL who come are like the three “victims” interviewed here.
    There are people coming who are terrorists!

    And, it’s a travesty that anyone coming from Cuba has to first traverse over to Central/South America by crossing huge swaths of ocean before heading North through the jungles, where if they make it, they can stay here.
    Yet, if they come just a mere ninety miles North from Cuba and they make it, they’re turned back!

  • With a Government system that we have now that The democrats and Biden are in control one can expect no better . they all seem to have the idea of flooding America with illegals and giving them Social Security and free housing thinking it is all good . Allowing the influx has not only hurt the system but is draining our resources not to mention the fact drugs and trafficking has been a horrible problem . We have a problem with illegals and then we also have a problem with giving foreign aid to country’s that would rather spit in our face than appreciate what is being done . China Joe and his gang have nothing but corruption going on they get rich and we loose in the end .

  • When we take back the Congress and the Senate in November the Communist Democrats and Rinos would have practically accomplished their destruction of America and it will be impossible to round up all the illegals and deport them.
    And it was also mentioned that it’s a Federal Crime what the Communist Democrat Party is doing, so you Can bet there won’t be any accountability on the Communist crimes and they’ll get away with it with a slap on the wrist .
    Meanwhile President Trump has been charged in another bogus scheme of espionage, but the invasion is a real threat to National security.
    The laws need to be changed and every person involved in a criminal offense should be charged, brought before a court and pay the price for Treason, and every Crime including crimes of Quid Pro Quo.
    Term limits should also be applied and any dealings with a Communist nation should never become a President of the United States. Also it should be illegal to weaponize any Federal agency to attack the American citizens who they deam a political enemy.

  • Well, apparently the Mexican government does NOT want the illegals to be stopped. The illegals are a huge cash crop to the crooked Mexican police, so why would they want to put a stop to that? Everyone along the path to our open borders provide financial benefits to the crooks that line the trails. It’s long overdue; that gravy train must be stopped. Both Bidens (Yes, there definitely are TWO! One that speaks in full sentences (the body double); the other (real) Cho Obiden can’t find anyone to shake hands or lead him back to his basement… I’m hoping for a DNA comparison between the two.

    • 3 now; the 1 st imposter got even more decompensated than Joe was when last seen a yr & 5 mos ago, so they started bringing in another but he got spotted faster.

    • I agree. China sends chemicals to Mexico and Mexico makes the drugs that come into the US with drug and human Mexican traffickers. Joe needs China and Hunter needs Mexico.

  • The American Democrats blindly believe everything the administration and media tell them. They have voted in people who want to “fundamentally change” our lives as Barack Obama proclaimed when he was campaigning and they have. So many people are just going about their daily lives oblivious to what’s happening in our country. Open borders, IRS weaponized agents will make American lives a living hell. Businesses are floundering with new abusive regulations. Unless there is a turn around soon, the country we confidently grew up in, will be gone, just as other countries have and are doing so today such as Australia, Canada, which once was an independent Democratic country.

    • Obama has taken over the white house behind the scenes. He wanted a third term to ruin OUR country and he got it through cheating and corruption. You’re a slimy scumbag, Obama!!

  • Biden andd his whole administration should be brought up on charges of failure to do their sworn duty in protecting the LEGAL citizens of the USA. After a total investigtion I feel sure that they would also be guilty of TREASON.. a hanging offense

    • Not since O was in office; they quietly took the death penalty out of treason convictions. Wonder why…?

    • This needs to be done now instead of waiting. They would do it to everybody else here in the USA. I know what you mean. Thank you for your service! I, too used to work for an agency but can’t mention which one, but it has three Capital letters and worked out in the field.

  • It does not matter how they come or got here if they entered this country they are criminals and should be sent back home. There is no country we could go to and just walk in. Then these non working no education illegal aliens come to suck up what we Americans worked for not them. And the SOBS vote for demtards just so this country can beco.e as bad or worse than where they left

  • Not an humanitarian, but a POLITICAL crisis! Those people came because of LIES, told them for political purposes. They need to be returned to their own homelands; told they’re being lied to & used, & AS SOON AS the left élites get what they want, those “useful idiots” will be slaughtered, of no further use to them, as they are not producers or going to become such. That’s how communist tyrannies work: just ask Lenin, Stalin, & Mao. But Hitler did so too. You really don’t think the LEFT is going to keep on supporting them, I hope!

  • The Weimar Republic allowed in thousands of refugees from the USSR, not out of compassion, but to vote. The idea was to elect hitler. We’re living in that era now, again with nazis taking over.

    We had warned you about slavery in the US, how Trump has been persecuted for saying he would fight it, and then freeing over 100,000 slaves. Liberals support nazism, and most have no idea they are.

  • These illegals should all be deported along with any congress person they has not stood against this invasion of our country.

  • Biden & socialist Democrats embrace open borders hoping those coming to our nation will vote Democratic & keep them in power….Nov 2022-24 can not come soon enough America wants its country BACK.

  • “We’ve lost operational control of the southern border months ago & fentanyl is entering the country at unprecedented levels-and there’s no end in sight’ Higgins, who threw his support behind legislation that sought to make fentanyl trafficking punishable by life in prison, places blame for the crisis on extremely weak broader policies where some migrants are ‘plugged into a criminal network’ which allows millions of fentanyl-based counterfeit pills to make their way into ‘every nook & cranny of the country. Smugglers along southern border caused the crisis to ramp up in what many are calling ‘an epidemic hidden by the pandemic’ There’s no question the vast majority of chemicals are coming from China & going into Mexico & being mass produced into fentanyl & methamphetamine & increasingly into counterfeit pills we see on our streets” Maybe this IS why White House policies are extremely weak.

  • This is one part of Biden Crime LLC,drugs is another part of the crime syndicate.Thgen add millions in foreign money.The Biden cartel is wide spread and sanctioned bvy the Swamp Monsters in US government

  • This crime of aiding & abetting illegal foreigners & criminals attacking U.S. Citizens is treason ! The bo, joe illegal 3rd term supported by dem’s illegal vote fraud is still “0” prosecution Justice ! When is congress & DOJ-ag going to do their sworn oath job ?



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