The citizens of McAllen, Texas may have to pay more in taxes in order to pay for all of the illegals being released into their city by Joe Biden.

They are now frantically building detention centers to keep them from living in the streets. But worse than that is that COVID numbers could explode because of the 7,000 illegals with COVID-19 that have been released into McAllen.

The city told Fox News that Biden is releasing an alarming number of illegals into their city and that none of them have been tested for the virus.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin has been reporting live from the US-Mexico border. He has provided pictures of the detention centers being constructed in the city.

Joe Biden has been an advocate for illegal immigration, luring record numbers of illegals to cross out borders and allowed to stay.

Laughably Biden and his bench people blame the crisis at the border as being Trump’s fault. That is only true if you believe in open borders as Biden does. President Trump had lowered the number of illegals allowed into the country.

Democrats did not like that. Since Biden took over the illegal invaders reaching the US has hit a 21 year high.

From the Gateway Pundit

Many of the illegal aliens are infected with Covid, chicken pox and other diseases.

Busloads of illegals were dropped off in McAllen this week.

According to the City of McAllen, “the federal government has released over 7,000 COVID positive migrants into their city since February, including over 1,500 new infected migrants in just the *last week alone*. A local state of disaster in McAllen has been declared.” Fox News reported.

The illegals arrived to the emergency shelters in McAllen Wednesday afternoon.

From The NY Post

On the one hand, the Biden administration is reimposing mask mandates and burdensome health restrictions we thought we had left behind.

On the other hand, it is knowingly ushering in millions of illegal immigrants infected with COVID and not even testing them or keeping track of where they go. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has testified to that fact. 

They are put on buses and planes and covertly shipped around the country to unsuspecting communities, in a violation of CDC guidelines the rest of us have to follow. 


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  • All of this border crap is all part of the democRAT plan to destroy a free America and replace it with a communist government

  • Same as with any pests, when confronted with illegals, what you do is grab a broom and chase them away.

  • To put a hoard of illegals that have not even been tested for Covid into a small town is a criminal act of Biden’s making. He should be held totally responsible and if people start getting diseased from that act he should be impeached and then tried for crimes against humanity and murder, What a POS this “president” is!

    • he Nuremberg Trials of 1946 put Nazis on trial for infecting Jews and other prisoners with experimental drugs. At the Conclusion, the Judges issued the Nuremberg Code ot 1947 which makes it a crime against Humanity to do what Biden is now doing to the entire nation. After the trial, all of the Nazis were found guilty and hung in public. Let’s get the world court involved in prosecuting Biden and his entire staff. Then hang them all, and reinstate the actual President. Donald J Trump.

    • Actually, Biden had nothing to do with establishing this camp (about a mile from my house). It was the doing of our recently elected REPUBLICAN mayor. But, a day after announcing the camp, the mayor reversed course a moved it outside the city.

      Dr. Michael Bell
      35-year resident of McAllen

  • If I was mayor of McAllen, I would Send them to Wilmington Delaware on a plane with no returns allowed

  • This article is not and was never about the spread of Covid it is about the persons coming across the Southern Border. Now the vaccination rate in McAllen is below 40% so if these people were so afraid of the virus why did they not get their shots and there is no proof in any way that the people the immigration laws of this USA are allowing to stay are infected any more than anyone else in the World, or in this USA.
    This entire thing is all about keep America White, which in about 20 years will not be White anyway by just natural births and persons coming here legally, Trump made it quite clear where his supporters stand it is fine for white people from Europe especially Norway but not OK for other than Whiter no matter how they come here.

    • What part of illegal don’t you understand? There is a right way to come into this country & sneaking across the border isn’t it.

    • So what your saying is it’s the people who live in this town fault because they have a low vaccine rate ? You need to read more of the available info on how people that are vaccinated are spreading the harmful variants to non vaccinated. I’ll just bet that you believe the wear a mask rhetoric. The only ones that really benefit from all of this are the rich and the medical and pharmacy people/hospitals/companies everybody else gets mislead on a constant basis.IMHO

    • Seriously? Do you have sh** for brains? We should not have to deal with other countries trash. US taxpayers are paying for these criminals while veterans are living on the streets. Let’s send these criminals to your town. This has nothing to do with color. People always make it into that. Quite honestly, those from Europe actually have job skills that can help the US. These criminals have no skills and just take up space and waste money.

    • My late father-in-law came over here as a 6 yo with his family from Eastern Europe. They LITERALLY escaped right before WWI. They were fortunate that when they arrived, they were all healthy, had a job lined up, had a home ready for them, a sponsor and a few coins in their pockets. If just one of them had not been completely healthy, they would have all been turned away.

      This country was built by immigrants and the very least of my worries is this country have a white minority. The Texas city I live in now is already 30% Asian and I get to practice my Farsi and Mandarin as I move around the city. One of my best friends here is Chinese and most of my neighbors are Eastern Indian. These people are all here legally and they are welcome to be here. They work hard, take care of their families and are kind and honest. It is very rare that you hear of any of them committing a crime. Most of our criminals are illegals in my area.

    • The shot is killing and disabling people. The Pfizer vaccine is causing neurodegenerative diseases and the vaccinated are spreading the variant. All vaccines should be stopped or it will be catastrophic.

    • Because none of the major vases being used curedoes not really “Cure” you. That is why they will continue to give you a booster until you die. Sars-cov-2 does not prevent it from spreading, and they do not save your life. In fact, an increasing number of cases are spread by fully vaccinated people. The Pfizer is the worst, using mRNA that actually tells your natural imunine system governed by your DNA to replicate the virus. This is what is causing what I call the Fauci Virus. He helped China mutate this sars-2 [ the common cold flu] into a bio weapon and he and all involved should be tried for violations of the Nuremberg Code of 1947 for war crimes against Humanity, and Hung just as they did to the Nazi doctors who did this in WWII

    • Trebor, you are a real dufus. Did you go to school? If so, were you taught how to research the Internet? If so, you should have found the following article which announces “COVID-19 vaccination rate higher in the RGV compared to the rest of the state”.

      Check it out dufus:

      Get your facts straight. You’re making an ass out of yourself.

  • Drop them into Beverly Hills and watch how fast they get them out of there. Give the Liberals what they want to spread out across Republican states and lets see how many of them we can infect. This country has gone so far into the sewer everything tastes crappy. IMHO


  • Joe is the biggest idiot ever. Every illegal should be housed in the White House and every other Democratic member of Congress. Let’s see how fast the illegals are stopped at the border. These people are criminals and we’re supporting them. American taxpayers are going to die because of Joe’s idiotic ideas. After all we went through, these lousy people are infecting us. He should be impeached. Worst President ever!!! Total sh.. for brains!!!


  • While the idoit is crying everyone needs the China virus vaccine , he’s slipping thousands of infected illegals in to our towns across the country . Yea that’s how you treat a virus out brake from China . You cant make this stupid shit up , old joe is that stupid . What the hell is the moron thinking ??? They must have him so BS’ed up about everything he can’t think clearly , if he can think at all .

  • I know that *little* town very well and it was bad enough before Biden and Harris welcomed them in. I cannot imagine how bad it is now. We used to go down there twice a year to visit elderly relatives and our dentist in Mexico, but we stay far, far away now.

    Good luck to McAllen and Mission and Weslaco and all the other once nice little cities along the Rio Grande. I sincerely feel for you.

    I remember when our governor, Geo. Bush, forced those cities to supply utilities to all the shanties the illegals were building on any vacant land they could find. I have been in the grocery there behind Mexicans buying very expensive food items with a Texas food stamp card (or whatever it is called) and going out to get in a car with Mexican tags. The Mexicans get work in various offices that dole out funds and then get all their friends and relatives on both sides of the border on the dole. I have seen the TV ads (the TV signals go into Mexico) by the school districts there telling everyone to come to their schools no matter where you live and then seeing carloads of kids being taken across the international bridge of a morning to school in the USA. The schools do this because it gets their underprivileged ratings up and more funding for the school. We once took my WWII vet uncle to the ER only to find it filled up with entire Mexican families so my poor uncle had to wait hours to be seen. I took my aunt to the dermatologist there and, again, it was full of Mexican families. My aunt would go in, get a place removed, come back out and wait for them to test that area. Seems they could always find more cancer. We were there all day long the day I took her. She had Medicare, but I am sure the Mexicans all had Medicaid. At lunch they brought in boxes of pizza and soda so everyone was fed and be willing to wait while there were more fake cancers removed. Oh, who knows? I do know this…those people are taking full advantage of us at every step in the road. They know the system and know how to milk it. While I have always believed in helping the down and out, I do not believe in helping able bodied adults.

    • Well, McAllen is still about the same as it was when you were here. Irresponsible journalists would like you to believe that or city is covered over with Covid-infected illegals. Not so. The day after announcing the establishment of the camp, the mayor reversed course and moved it many miles outside of McAllen. But the “news” doesn’t want to tell you that.

  • The city of McAllen should post police officers at the roadways where the buses are entering their town, and block the roadways entirely to buses and non citizens. Refuse to let them in.
    Citizens, locate these buses and slash or stab the tires anytime they are standing still. Do it in the sidewalls so they cannot be repaired and must be replaced.
    Give Joe Biden and the Dems the full trouble of dealing with their own policies.

  • I have an idea. Every time this evil administration dumps a bunch of illegal aliens in that town, that same town or city should load them up on another set of buses drive them to Washington DC and dump them off there.

  • RE: They are now frantically building detention centers to keep them from living in the streets. But worse than that is that COVID numbers could explode because of the 7,000 illegals with COVID-19 that have been released into McAllen.

    Actually they’re not doing what you said. The next day after our mayor announced the construction of the camp, he reversed course and moved the facility out of McAllen. Also, FEMA is reimbursing the City of McAllen for some expenses.
    ( )

    Please get your facts straight! This is a serious situation we have here in our town of 147,000 population. Don’t make it worse by reporting disinformation.

    Sincerely,Dr. Michael Bell
    McAllen Resident for the last 35 years.

  • Gov. Abbott needs to pick them all up and drive or fly them into Mexico with $10 and a bottle of water.

    IF Democrat cities want to take these people in, fine.
    IF REPUBLICAN STATES do not want these people, give them to Democrat States. We all KNOW what happens to liberal States and Cities. Problem is, people there will run to Republican States bringing their liberal politics with them.