Radical leftists never fail to astound me with their ability to demonstrate how profoundly ignorant they are on a regular basis.

Ben Shapiro is no stranger to being targeted by left-wing activists. It is expected in his line of work, and he is able to shrug it off since he is expecting of it.

The audience members at his recent speech at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro were given the opportunity to ask him questions. One man believed that he was going to fully confound Shapiro, but instead ended up humiliated.

Introducing himself as a “mathematician and physicist,” the student went on to boast about having received the “most prestigious award in the country” just moments before. He attempted to assert his power over Shapiro and to establish some type of authority in the subject by doing so.

The man then accused Shapiro of quoting from the wrong Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and saying that the information is outdated.

Shapiro corrected him telling him that he quoted from the proper manual (DSM 5) during the speech and told him that the illness is gender dysphoria.

So how did the man respond? Well, he mimicked Shapiro and said that he, “sounds like a bozo, bro.”

Then insulted him and his wife, “And you get no p**** and can’t even get your wife w**, bro, so what’s good?” the student said, smiling to himself.

“As a mathematician and physicist, what in the hell do you know about human biology that allows you to deny it?” Shapiro questioned, sparking applause.

There is more, but you’ve just got to see it for yourself:

One thing that I always lookout for when discussions like this are happening is to see whether or not either one of the individuals resort to insults because when they resort to insults, it’s a clear sign of a failed argument and this little weak man resorts to insults so fast that it must have been painfully clear to him that his argument was annihilated.

The act of insulting someone is an attempt to preserve their own reputation, but because they are so driven by emotion, they fail to realize that the insults only make them look worse. Insulting is a defense mechanism and a bad one at that.


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