Liberals refuse to accept the obvious facts about the 2020 presidential election. Why wouldn’t they continue to insist that anyone questioning the election results is a conspiracy theorist?

The liberal left’s boy won. But Joe Biden cheated to win, and the evidence is overwhelming.

Arizona was just one state where conservative patriots uncovered a wealth of evidence of voter fraud. The Yuma County Sheriff and Yuma County Recorder have opened a series of new investigations.

Authorities are investigating a wide range of cases, including impersonation fraud, false registrations, duplicate voting, and fraudulent use of absentee ballots.

But Republican lawmakers in Arizona aren’t satisfied with digging into the cheating and corruption from 2020.

The Arizona GOP is looking ahead to the critical midterm elections coming up in November. To thwart the radical leftist agenda of Joe Biden, Republicans must win back control of Congress.

After watching what happened in 2020 to President Trump, the GOP isn’t taking any chances.

The first election they are targeting is the upcoming Arizona Primary on August 2. The Arizona GOP is offering five $50,000 rewards for evidence of vote-buying in the primary.

Five patriots will be eligible for one reward for each tip, leading to an arrest and conviction.

The Arizona GOP press release statement reads: “Unfortunately, the movement towards mass mail-in voting completely undoes the secret ballot reform. A mail-in ballot is not secret. Once a person has a ballot at their home, they can easily show it to anyone, including bad actors willing to pay them to vote for a specific candidate.”

There are already concerns about mail-in ballot fraud ahead of August 2. The Arizona GOP tried to sue to ban unconstitutional drop boxes and no-excuse mail-in voting. However, corrupt leftist judges, clearly in the back pocket of liberal Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, threw the suits out.

But the GOP refuses to back down. They are offering patriotic citizens a substantial sum of money to “speak out if they see corruption and cheating.” It’s going to happen. That’s the only way the left can win. If this helps to secure the Arizona election, maybe other states will follow.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I’m sure the libs and democrats are trying to think of ways to win, even by fraud. What happened in 2020, even though they deny it, was wholesale fraud across the country. At least many of the ways they falsified the election are now out in the open and being watched for.

  • You are perpetrating lies about the 2020 election to sell worthless paraphernalia to people who, for some reason believe, without facts, the lies you are spewing.

    • Wow bub, those aren’t just blinders you have on lol. That is a sound deadened bag completely covering your head. Sheesh, talk about blind. Are you even in this realm any more ??

    • Um, ‘scuse me, thelies arecoming from theeftist nay sayers; the proof was presented, in several disparate states! Others just never LOOKED to see!

    • Just keep your head in the sand all you want! You’ll never see or hear the train coming that will end democrats as a party! America is fed up with lying cheating law breaking democrats and liberals.

    • Do yourself a favor and go and watch the Documentary “2000 Mules” with an OPEN mind……

      But ONLY do it if you want to be Intellectually HONEST with yourself….. otherwise keep eating what our so-called “media” has been Spoon Feeding you and understand that I figured out 35+ years ago that our so-called “media” LIES to the American people on a Daily basis…..

    • You are so brainwashed you can’t see the fraud demonrats used to steal the 2020 election. As Bimbo Biden said they had the largest voter fraud organization ever and that is how Obama got reelected.

  • Arizona is protecting the integrity of the election ……good for them America has witnessed the evil that was elected in 2020. destroying our nation.

  • Great the GOP at least in Arizona is waking up to the fraud that has been going on for decades. Think they are a few decades late but this is only Az. so lets see if any other state wakes up.

  • Soon the people will have had enough of the corrupt courts! They will not be asking to see what they want to see but rather telling the courts it is their election not the courts! If they are hiding nothing they have nothing to worry about! That goes double for corrupt judges trying to stop the people from checking what they are doing! That is when the Democrat will know they lost! When they can’t have the courts hide the evidence from them! And it is drug out for all to see!

  • NOTHING HAPPENS! One has to be cognizant of who owns the entire planet, country and systems? Guess that’s the Big Boyz plan, wear all patriots down with false HOPIUM, and they get down trodden and surrender? Sad.

  • Maybe they need to try what’s being done in my case in Kalifornia. When I didn’t get my first ballot for the 2020 election, I called the Registrar’s office. I was informed when it was mailed out. My second ballot was mailed out, and I was informed when I should receive it. It didn’t arrive on time. At the time I had a PO Box, so I ‘promised’ those vile individuals in the Post Office that as a former Army Photojournalist, working in the 40th Division Public Affairs office, I would dredge up my old contacts to expose their evil actions. The very next day, my ballot mystically appeared in my mail box! Now the County Voter Registrar’s Office texts me when my ballot is mailed, texts me when they receive it back, and texts me when it’s counted. Even worse, the libs in Kalifornia are targeting houses where adults do not vote. When they find such a household, they then register individuals from across the border, to said household as dems. I know someone that has been in his house since ’92, doesn’t vote because of personal convictions, and he is most definitely not hispanic. Around the 2012 election period, he started receiving ‘voter’s guides’, and ‘jury duty summons’ at his home, for a hispanic male. The two documents you are guaranteed to receive when you register to vote. When the dems come to his house trying to secure his vote, he pulls out those jury summons, and voter’s guides to question them. Not one of them has ever answered why such illegal practices are going on.

    • Having worked at polling sites and in the Clerk-Recorder’s Office where we did the whole election thing over 40 years ago, I can tell you that Jury Duty doesn’t just pull from voter registration in CA, but also from the DMV. I know that many people believe that they won’t get called if they don’t register to vote and eventually they get a surprise. Like it or not, it is our duty to sit on a jury and if we are on trial, we would want others to do it for us. Of course now days, many trials go away because the District Attorney’s Office and Defendant/Defendant’s Counsel reach a plea agreement in a Criminal Case or a Settlement Agreement in a Civil Case. I just wish that CA would go back to the practice of having to show your ID and to print and sign your name which can be used to compare signatures with your registration card. All this nonsense about making it hard for people to vote if they have to have an ID is nonsense because the certainly need on to get assistance, to cash checks, and to do many other things.

  • AZ is but 1 state too. That happened in WI, MI, PA, GA, etc, where fraud was uncovered& documented but IGNORED by law enforcement authorities. Some efforts have been made, but “too little, too late”, I fear. Our best & only REAL hope lies in Jesus Christ, & His return.

    • Oh yeah that will help you. Instead of waiting for a higher entity you may want to remember that he helps those who help themselves.

  • Only the Red States will fix the integrity of the voting process. The Blue States will sit on their rear and absolutely do nothing. The blue states have corrupted the integrity of the election process, have demoralized the republican and Independent voter, and they like it this way, it works for them.

    • How about a bounty on judges covering it up? I wonder what would happen if we showed up a t court with everyone having a rope and a bucket of tar?

  • We all know biden cheated with the rest of the criminal Democrats! But they stacked the courts with judges to protect them! They will make any excuse to do nothing or throw it out of court! Maybe we need to throw a few of the cheater out of court forever! Just to get the rest of the parasite an idea as to what could happen to them!

  • Well Judges……..why didn’t you accept the signed affidavits of poll watchers that Rudy and Sidney uncovered??????? Now AZ for sure has uncovered some fraud, GA, PA, MI, WI, NV need to really dig in…..TRUMP DID NOT LOSE……GEEZ.

  • Well if it keeps up we will be seeing corrupt judges hanging from the freeway over pass with their corrupt ballots shoved up their butt. Wondering how they ever got caught! That is what happens when the law fails the people when the corruption get to big! Not like we haven’t done that already in America! Look up battle of Athens! When the cheater tried to cheat the people took the ballots away from them and counted them in public! The cheaters lost! What a surprise. If we don’t punish the cheaters they just keep cheating! I wonder what would happen if we had huge pots of tar and feathers for the cheaters all over the state and we made it public?

  • The problem is the corrupt judges! They will do nothing to the cheaters! There has to be a punishment for these judges! And that will have to come from the people! Maybe they need a great dose of the Maxine Waters treatment everywhere they go! And what could they say? The law never did anything to those that harassed the Supreme court judges and that was clearly breaking the law! EQUAL JUSTICE AND ALL! Maybe the people should form their own grand jury! If the corrupt courts won’t!



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