During the 2020 presidential election, Maricopa County, Arizona, produced some of the most disturbing election disparities. 2020 wasn’t the only time there were suspicious voting problems in the county. Maricopa County, Arizona, has a history of mistakes.

This is the single-most critical county in Arizona. Phoenix is in the middle of Maricopa County. It is the largest county in the state, with a population estimate of well over 4 million. In 2020, a vote audit found enough evidence of illegal ballots to overturn the election results.

However, despite the preponderance of evidence, nothing was ever done. Joe Biden was awarded the state’s critical electoral votes. Anyone who questioned why was labeled an “election denier.”

As the 2022 midterm elections grew closer, many wondered whether the same issues would repeat themselves. They did. Once again, Maricopa County, Arizona, was at the forefront of election problems.

Maricopa County had to address more issues at polling sites on Election Day. This is a disturbing trend in a vastly populated area that holds the key to winning races in the state. Why are there “always” issues at polling locations in Maricopa County, Arizona?

While the county insisted that technicians corrected the issues by adjusting printer settings, this ignited election controversy again. How can any Arizona voter feel confident about the final results? This is the same state that refused to address visible discrepancies in 2020.

What’s rather ironic is that the current Democrat Party candidate for governor is the Arizona Secretary of State. Katie Hobbs is in charge of handling election problems. She is the individual who failed to address massive signs of fraud in 2020.

Why would anyone assume she’s going to deal with fraud claims in an election since she’s a candidate? Especially, since she’s the candidate who is going to invariably benefit. We smell a rat in Arizona. The machines were “supposedly” misreading the ballots.

That seems rather convenient. How did Maricopa County deal with the most recent problem? They instructed voters to drop their ballots in a big box. That big box would be hauled downtown to be counted later. What could possibly go wrong with that strategy?

Talk about opening the door for cheaters. Any hired operative could simply inspect the ballot and then toss in the garbage those who voted for the wrong candidate that they didn’t want elected. Maricopa County is another reason why electronic voting machines need to be banned.

Tech experts have proven that the machine software can easily be hacked. If we want authentic and secure elections, voting machines need to be discontinued. The U.S. needs to take a page from France’s election playbook.

France requires paper ballots to be cast in person, nothing by machine. That seems simple enough. The French appreciate that voting machines are easily compromised. The U.S. should model our French friends and outlaw voting machines. Should banning mail-in ballots be next?


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  • We are watching it in real time. Not only that Katie Hobbs is “running” the election, a total conflict of interest, but the Arizonans elected a former democrat incompetent secretary of state who screwed up the 2020 election and established the now failing concept of “voting centers” and a stretched out counting process. Total suckers.

  • Germany uses no voting machines either, and the stated reason is, the machines are too easy to manipulate.
    If Germany and France can do this, we certainly can. we just need the political power to make it stick.

      • In my democrat-controlled city, I tried to do just that, but I was rejected outright. They wanted democrats only. I called and wrote to my democrat representative and senator and the response I received was “Thank you for your interest. We will look into it” Never did. As American citizens, we’re on our own. Every poli-tic on the left, including RINOS, have their own agenda – and it doesn’t include us. BTW -my state suffered 3 incidents of proven cheating -11/6/22 and 11/8/22 and 11/10/22.

      • Let me add, my state is red with a massive republican base upstate that won it for Trump. But the rigging and cheating by these felonious democrats turned it blue. Note, in every election since President, democrats’ cheating becomes more and more sophisticated. Their puppetmasters are in charge of destroying America’s sovereignty in order to force the West into their dystopian one world government. Note also that they’re doing this without even having to confiscate our guns, yet. They’re laughing at us at how easy it is to subjugate us – all their pawns are in place. And the closer it gets to 2030, the worse it will be.

  • The only serious polling issue is that the communist bastards that call themselves Democrats keep cheating & stealing elections ! Seriously need to stop this bullshit. Start with investigating & prosecuting any & all crooked FBI agents, DOJ officials & any other bad actors involved in allowing this to happen over & over again

    • Every official with the authority and power to prosecute is corrupt. Only Republicans “investigate’ but get nowhere because they’re outnumbered by RINOS, and democratic hand-picked judges and Attorneys General are also corrupt. It seems almost impossible that over 300 million American citizens can be so evilly controlled by so few tyrants – until you follow the foreign money.

    • Were you NOT paying attention to what happened in AZ after the ’20 steal??? They TRIED that, but the COURTS refused to hear the evidence they had accumulated, thus there were no consequences & no changes!

  • All of this fraud, cheating and election stealing will come to an abrupt stop when the good citizens of this country make the liars, cheaters and thieves hang from the gallows.

  • You can bet your last dollar, that if democrats are in charge, everything will always be screwed up and corrupted! And always in their favor. Because with a democrat it is how they feel, and never what is known or true.

  • Hobbs has NO business running if she retains her current office. Stepping down BEFORE throwing her hat into the ring was the only appropriate action. There most certainly IS conflict of interest with her..She should be disqualified, removed from office, and jailed. The 2020 and 2022 “irregularities” rest solely on her shoulders.

  • The best solution is to not have these machines PERIOD! They have a lousy track record at best! Time to quit the new and unimproved system and return to what worked! And now cause of WIFI! There is no need to have them connected to the internet as they would do that on there own! This way there is nobody at the voting location taking any responsibility as nobody signs off on anything!

  • I thought there was supposed to be oversight at these polls. This country is lost, when the left can do whatever they want illegally and aren’t held responsible. It’s 2020 all over again.

  • They need to make up more fake ballots this crap of democrats stealing elections needs to be stopped an there better be an investigation started now you bet this whole election was rigged look at NEV also still getting boxes of ballots in looks like the fix was in this election also.

  • MAJOR CONCERN: According the George Soro’$ funded, extreme left-wing Center for American Progress, since 2020 only the states of VA, CO, RI, AL and NY have made any changes to their elections! Which brings up my previous post: “Definition of Insanity” Keep using the same corrupted Election Officials, Election Rules, and Voting Machines then… expect a different outcome!

  • I have lived in Arizona for the past 41 years and 2020 and 2022 have been the worse years for voting,they need to go back and start counting the ballots my hand and if the democrats don’t like that can go fuck themselves, they have to cheat to win,and if Kelly and Hobbs get in everyone will they got in by cheating.

  • ANYONE caught committing Voter Fraud must Pay A PRICE! At least 10 years in a High Security Prison with No Chance for Parole would teach these Democrat Rats a lesson they will never forget and send a Message to the rest of the vermin!

    Enough is Enough!

  • Hilarious! These aren’t “mistakes” or “problems” they are features of the carefully planned system. The ballots are counted in secret and transported in secret so they can have fraudent ballots added and legitimate ballots destroyed.

    Everybody know this is how they do it. There is no way to stop the fraud now.

  • As “the Arizona Secretary of State. Katie Hobbs is in charge of handling election problems” and that’s the reason she was chosen to run against Lake, or any other Republican. The democrats’ cheat-and-steal was fixed, planned a long time ago. It’s like manipulating chess pieces on the board in such a way that the winner moves first, and last.

  • Arizona 11/6/22: Maricopa County: Machines “Not Working” & Ballots “Misread”
    Arizona 11/8/22: Central Christian Voting Machines in Mesa Are All Broken. “No Machines Working” This is happening only in GOP districts.
    And it isn’t over yet.

  • Both ideas are relatively simple, perhaps too simple for IT people to consider. I would be shocked if the IT ‘powers that be’ hadn’t already considered them. However, it depends on where the data was being hacked, that is, if they know that detail, but here goes:
    If the machines are being hacked after votes are initially collected, then take the machines offline before that point. However, if the data are manipulated during online transit, employ the following ‘checksum’ or VPN ideas as follows:
    1. To ensure overall data integrity, employ a checksum function to verify the data’s content as sent, then as received.
    2. Or stick the whole mess on a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that creates a separate secure data tunnel that the internet nor the hackers can manipulate. I think that would be easier than the whole checksum idea.

  • Voting machines obviously need to be banned but they cheat a dozen different ways. Poll workers are being paid by democrats to cheat and were talking about election changing cheating that would easily happen without the machines. We need stricter laws for election fraud, especially for those people who work our elections.

  • Mass mail in ballots and voting will get worse with the Dems in control and Biden opening our borders, and pushing mass amnesty. Late ballot drops in the middle of the night and no security were ignored in 2020 and are still going in. Our elections are not resulting in the will of the people unless they are honest. Citizens don’t trust the elections, our “leaders”, or the media. This year is just more of the same.

  • No matter how much crap you write here or elsewhere will not change anything there are only certain things these kind of people understand and the Republican part has no one who will get down and dirty so grit your teeth and hold on. Maybe someone will grow a couple and do something. Dream on.

  • Very coincidental how election results happen in places where the candidate who runs the election wins! Nothing strange about that!!

  • First, the author correctly assessed how ease it is to commit fraud with paper ballots, then he advocates for them (like in France). Obviously, illogical.

    No, technology isn’t the problem. It’s actually a lack of technology correctly deployed. I can place an online order with millions of retailers, receive verification of what I ordered, and exactly it’s status all the way through to my doorstep. If anything goes wrong, there is a transparent way to see and correct the problem.

    Why isn’t it the same with elections?

    I get a sticker that says I voted. That’s not verification! Why don’t I know the accuracy and status of my vote every step of the way? We obviously have the technology. The only logical answer is that powerful forces want to manipulate our elections.

  • As I’ve said before, and will keep saying…..communist fascist racist Democrats are the real “satanic evil” in America for the last 300 years! Slavery, blantant hypocracy, record killing of innocent babies, record fuel prices, food shortages, men in women’s restrooms and sports, secret sex change operations on our children, militarizing and using the IRS and FBI to arrest conservatives in the middle of the night, trampling all over our 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments whenever they feel like it, taxes, more taxes, higher taxes, free speech censorship, spying on U.S. Presidents, conservative government officials and U.S. citizens, CRT and faggot transgenders indoctrinating in our corrupt school system, record inflation, business killing regulations, open borderes, highest crime rates/shootings in democrat run cities, Quid Pro Quo, BLM, antifa, racism, fascism, white supremacy, KKK, segregation, Jim Crow laws, dishonesty, lying, cheating, communism, and sociopathology, and don’t forget voter fraud. Did I leave anything out?

  • Az. has big problems with their elections. why are Republicans NOT involved more in what is going on, to keep thing on the up and up? I’m tired of all of the CORRUPTION It is EVIL!
    It makes me wonder if the Democratic party will even exist when all of the truth comes out.

  • WHOA! It’s NOT Arizonans didn’t learn, it’s that the JUDICIARY refused to hear evidence! So there were no CONSEQUENCES to the cheating, NOT for lack of effort by Senate President Karen Fann, & GOP party chair Kelli Ward, to get something done! When a leftist court can just say “no standing” & refuse a case it doesn’t like, there is NO JUSTICE! DO NOT blame the citizens who voted in good faith! Blame the county officials who enabled the cheating, & the judges who refused to hear evidence!

  • Democraps getting much money from Dominion is why they are having these issues. The Secretary of State should be JAILED as should every Democrap in power there. They are getting big money for not dumping Dominion.

  • What the Fuck do printer settings have to do with counting votes????
    1 + 1 = 2… Hasn’t anybody in this fucking state passed basic 3 grade math.
    Tell Biden and all the Dems in Arizona to go fuck themselvese. Then lock up everyone of the corrupt pricks up for a long long time.
    If possible they should be locked up for life for being so fucking stupid to offer such an absurd excuse.

  • I find rather ironic that they test the voting machines before an election and they work , BUT on ELECTION DAY they malfunction . How strange?



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