Joe Biden has been a blundering buffoon since day one in the White House. His radical leftist agenda is destroying America. Nothing has hit at the heart of the country like his ignorant strategy to deal with our nation’s energy needs.

As President Trump left the White House, the United States was energy independent for the first time. We relied on no one, especially adversarial régimes who would mean us harm. Every decision by Joe Biden has sought to unravel America’s energy independence.

The result of Biden’s energy blunders has helped to generate a devastating spike in gas prices. It’s costing Americans nearly double what it cost a year ago to fill up their vehicles. This is an enormous financial burden on everyday working-class people.

Biden and his liberal cronies do not care. They are trying to sell out American energy to force-feed their “Green New Deal” down our throats. However, there may be an even more sinister plan unfolding in our great nation.

Biden’s energy policies have been a fiasco. However, everything Joe Biden has done has been a fiasco. There comes a point when it becomes all too obvious that these things are being done on purpose.

One early executive order Biden signed was to shut down the Keystone Pipeline. This started the upward climb of gas prices to their new high. Other energy decisions have helped keep the price of fuel at all time peaks.

But Biden also did other things that, while obviously stupid, begin to prove extremely alarming when looked at collectively. Americans have watched as a flood of illegal migrants have washed across our southern border. Biden could stop it, but he refuses.

Border towns have been overwhelmed. However, Biden has been flying and busing many of these illegal criminals all over the country. Many of the flights of been flown in the middle of the night to avoid detection.

Biden’s failed border policy, which is really a “come on in” open border policy, is turning every U.S. town into a border town. It has been done on purpose. In addition, everyone witnessed the embarrassing retreat from Afghanistan.

All the while leaving Americans and allies behind, Biden’s blundered exit left behind billions of dollars in military equipment and supplies. Essentially, Joe Biden outfitted a terrorist organization, people who profess their hatred for the United States, with an $84 billion arsenal.

Again, some believe this was not an accident. It was done to undermine America’s strength abroad. It did exactly that. Now let’s revisit Joe Biden’s energy decisions. He has carved down American production, which is directly responsible for higher fuel costs.

Biden has been urged to tap into some of America’s wealth of strategic petroleum reserves (SPRs) to ease the crisis. Instead of pleading with adversarial nations within OPEC to raise production, why aren’t we using the energy sources that are right under our feet?

It appears this strategy is on purpose as well. While Biden blames OPEC and Russia for high fuel prices, some report that Biden has ordered the tapping of our SPRs. However, he’s not using them to help everyday Americans save money at the pump.

Biden is selling our precious petroleum to Asia. Keep in mind; this is the same Joe Biden who, through his criminal son, has nefarious ties to many Chinese businesses. This isn’t some questionable policy. Joe Biden is selling out America. It’s on purpose.

Joe Biden is also selling out the American people as he sells off our energy. When the crooked media hoodwinked bitter Americans into voting for Joe Biden over President Trump, they couldn’t have imagined the true endgame.

The radical left was in control of Joe Biden from day one. He is a puppet president. The left’s agenda is to destroy America. The roots spread deep within activist groups such as ANTIFA and BLM. These radical Marxists are burning and looting our nation one city at a time.

However, Joe Biden and his liberal cronies in Washington, D.C. are trashing our country at an even greater mind-numbing speed. Everything Joe Biden does further destroys America. Do we really believe it’s all just an accident?

Americans need to wake up before it’s too late. Joe Biden and the radical liberal left are working meticulously to fulfill their sinister plan. They want to perpetuate the fall of the United States of America. Is it time to impeach Joe Biden yet? It’s way past time.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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