A woman allegedly drove her car through a crowd of Trump supporters without provocation.

I has been reported that a car intentionally drove into and through a crowd in California as Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters clashed with counter-protesters. This is the third time a vehicle has hit protesters in California in just one week.

The incident happened in Yorba Linda supposedly after counter-protesters crossed the highway to confront BLM demonstrators.  Initial reports said that a white sedan tore through both groups who after the demonstrations all met in a parking lot, however, footage reveals that the driver got in her vehicle following an argument with Trump supporters and drove through them.  Remember how the media lost its mind when a white nationalist drove into the crowd at Charlottesville killing a woman?  I wonder if we’ll see the same kind of coverage here, because apparently there’s no question that this person intentionally drove into Trump supporters for the purpose of harming them.


Police arrested the driver, 40-year-old Tatiana Turner of Long Beach, and charged her with assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.  I wonder if Kamala Harris will try to help her make bail?  She will be booked into the Orange County Jail and while the investigation is ongoing.

I’m waiting for a Soros-funded district attorney to charge the victims of this woman’s driving into them.

According to “The Orange County Register” two people were injured.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department gave a statement hours after the vehicular assault, stating that the protest resulted in two arrests, and two accidents.

“On September 17, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department became aware of a protest planned in the city of Yorba Linda for today at 2 pm by a group called Caravan for Justice. Shortly after, a counter protest was planned for the same time. Deputies were present at the beginning of the protests to protect the constitutional rights of all individuals and to protect life and property. Just after the beginning of the protests, it is estimated there were approximately 150 individuals total,” the statement said.

Caravan for Justice is a Black Lives Matter-affiliated group that drove through California following the death of George Floyd back in May.

“Approximately 30 minutes after the protests began, we began to receive reports of physical altercations occurring between the two protest groups, including at least one individual who was pepper sprayed by another protester,” the statement continued.

Reporting done on the ground by independent videographer Tomas Morales shows that Caravan for Justice protesters indeed pepper sprayed Trump supporters without any provocation.  How much you wanna bet CNN and MSNBC declare it a peaceful protest?

“Today was chaos. BLM started 100% everything. They started pepper spraying for no reason. I got peppered sprayed for filming & accosted,” said Morales. “I was at their event & a BLM organizer was instructing people to use force against Trump supporters.”

According to the police, the physical brawling, and reports of people in the crowd having weapons, prompted them to declare an unlawful assembly and issue a dispersal order. One arrest was made for an Anaheim man who refused to obey the order.

“At approximately 3 pm after several dispersal orders, a vehicle in the parking lot of the Yorba Linda Public Library at 18181 Imperial Highway struck at least two individuals,” stated the OCSD. “The driver, believed to be part of the Caravan for Justice, continued to leave the parking lot and was detained a short distance away from the incident. The two people struck, a man and a woman believed to be at the protest, were transported to a nearby hospital with major injuries but are expected to survive.”

This is what happens when Democrat elected officials allow protesting to get out of hand for over 100 days and savages on the streets feel they can get away with anything.  If you want to place blame, the mayors and governors are a good start.


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