Sometimes the police have to respond to some bizarre calls.

I’m sure that we’ve all seen the show COPS at some point in our lives. The great thing about that show was that sometimes they would find some really crazy things.

But one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard of came out of Georgia as sheriff’s deputies responded to a very bad incident. A young 27-year-old adult film actress has her video go bad really quick, and when I say it went bad, I mean it went really bad.

We’re not certain what this supposedly aspiring young model was trying to accomplish. However, during the taping of an adult video, Lauren Daman accidentally shot herself. The accidental shooting wasn’t so much the story as was where the shot landed.

What purpose a 9 mm handgun played in an adult video is certainly a question for aspiring minds. But how Ms. Daman shot herself in the vagina would escape most logical deduction. We kid you not, that’s the scenario sheriffs and EMS responders discovered when they arrived.

The paramedics must have checked the paperwork twice to convince themselves this was actually happening. Thankfully, Ms. Daman was in stable condition. Mr. Daman’s roommates helped confirm that the shooting was accidental.

One resident explained Ms. Daman’s occupation as a webcam actress. However, there were certain aspects of the story, which somewhat befuddled investigators. A confused Ms. Daman evidently had two vastly different accounts of how she got shot in such an odd spot.

At one point, she said it was a self-inflicted accident. Yet, there was also mention of how the gun went off when she was having sex with one of her roomies. Regardless, law enforcement said that there wasn’t any likelihood of criminal charges being filed.

Now, when pressed within the court of public opinion, maybe other non-criminal charges would be warranted. If there were consequences for outright ignorance, this would certainly qualify. One thing for certain, this was one webcam film shoot that went bad; terribly bad.

Photo Credit: Rob Beyer


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Who owns the 9mm? what was the purpose of the 9mm in an adult film.? If Daman owns the 9mm, it needs to be confiscated. One shouldn’t own a firearm, if they are not trained to safely handle a firearm. Owing A firearm and trained to use a firearm properly are two different issues. Daman could have killed herself over her own stupidity. Daman needs to be red flagged in the background check from ever owning a firearm.

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