There are still a lot of questions in regard to what exactly started everything between Russia and Ukraine. Why suddenly did Russia decide to attack Ukraine? Well, the best and simplest explanation is something that I came across recently that puts it into analogous terms that make the whole situation easier to understand.

So here is the Ukraine and Russia crisis in simple terms for those that have no idea what is going on. I can’t take credit for this, but I thought it summed it up well.

Ukraine used to be in an abusive relationship with Russia, feeding him, letting him use her car & giving him whatever he asked for until she built up the confidence to call it quits back in 1991.

Since then, Ukraine has been working on herself, becoming a strong independent woman with help from friends like France, America, Poland etc. offering her support, loaning her money, and helping her find her way.

Ukraine has been enjoying being single for 30 years and looking forward to continuing to grow & create new friendships.

Now Russia being the toxic ex that it is wants her back and doesn’t want her meeting new people or creating any new relationships.

A couple of weeks ago Russia started sitting in the front of Ukraine’s house & when her friends ask him what he was doing there, he said “Oh nothing, just getting a little bit of exercise in, that’s all.”

After her friends told her that Russia was potentially getting ready to do something bad to her, he said “They’re lying, they just want you to be scared of me & that’s not what it is”

Yesterday Russia broke into Ukraine’s house, beating her up & “taking advantage” of her while on livestream and double dog daring any of her friends to do something about it & if they do want the smoke, Russia got that thang on him.

Based on the research that I’ve been doing recently trying to uncover what started all of this this is actually pretty accurate.

The abusive relationship with Russia has to do with the USSR until that was broken up in 1991. Then Ukraine being its own country tried to build itself up and become its own entity independent of others along the way making friends with other countries who helped stabilize the country.

Now organizations like NATO and the European Union are wanting Ukraine to be friends with them and Russia doesn’t like that. Russia wants Ukraine to stay away from NATO and the European Union and stay with them instead.

The portion about being outside of Ukraine’s house has to do with the setting up of certain military positions outside and doing these military exercises and then ultimately invading Ukraine for the whole world to see and telling other countries that if they try to stop them that they’re going to be dealt with.


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