It’s best to treat the people at the bottom well, because when you fall from the heights of grace, you’re going to wind up beneath them.

Another man, now the second, came forward and accused former New Jersey Judge and Fox News personality Andrew Napolitano of sexual abuse, claiming the judge forced him to engage in bizarre BDSM sex games over a number of years.  Has anyone asked why this guy didn’t just stop going over there?  I mean, if you allow this to go on for years, aren’t you somewhat to blame?

On Monday morning, a lawsuit was filed accusing the on-air personality of sexual abuse, sexual assault, assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress in a New Jersey state courtroom. Via his lawyer, Napolitano vehemently denied the allegations as “total fiction.” Napolitano’s lawyer referred to it as a “copycat lawsuit” filed for “financial gain.”

James Kruzelnick, the alleged victim, asserts that he met Napolitano while working as a waiter at the Mohawk House restaurant in Sparta, NJ, in 2014.

During one of his visits, Napolitano allegedly followed Kruzelnick into the public restroom at the restaurant and groped him, the suit states.  Yikes!

Andrew Napolitano
“Andrew Napolitano” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

“Defendant Napolitano grabbed plaintiff’s buttocks, and told him that ‘you are just so hot,’” according to the suit.

Kruzelnick fended him off, but continued to speak with Napolitano and serve as his waiter as a result of he believed he was a “brilliant” man, the suit reads.

In September 2015, he agreed to meet Napolitano at his home.  Wait, what?  This is where the former judge allegedly coerced him into BDSM sex games.

As Kruzelnick was sitting in Napolitano’s living room, the judge walked over to him with his pants down and stated, “I am really into certain things,” and then he sat on his lap.

“I want you to start slapping me really hard,” Napolitano allegedly instructed Kruzelnick, demanding that he “just f—king do it!” when he was leary about striking the judge, the suit states.

Kruzelnick also states that Napolitano allegedly agreed to help his brother with legal problems he was dealing with, so long as he continued to provide him with sexual favors.  A quid pro quo?

At that time, Napolitano allegedly went to the Mohawk House, only this time he brought with him a young man he identified as an intern from Fox News.  The judge is a senior legal analyst for the news network.  Maybe not for too much longer.

Kruzelnick, the intern, and Napolitano all went back to the judge’s house, where he was offered a drink, according to his complaint.  What exactly did he think was going to, or not going to happen?  Did he think they were going to roast S’mores?

“He woke up hours later in Napolitano’s bed, with blurred memories of engaging in a sexual threesome with Napolitano and the Fox News intern,” the suit reads.

According to the complaint, the final encounter alleges that Napolitano tried to rape Kruzelnick and force him to perform oral sex on the judge while the two were at his farm in 2017.

I’m sorry, but if someone acts inappropriately toward you, but you keep going back to that person, you can’t later claim it made you uncomfortable.  It apparently didn’t make you uncomfortable enough to stay away.

The lawsuit explains what happened in the aftermath.

“Plaintiff was shocked by Napolitano’s actions, as the two men did not know each other and had never been together outside of the restaurant prior to that night,” the filing states. “Plaintiff immediately pushed defendant Napolitano off of him, and told him that he shouldn’t do things like that in a public place, and that he shouldn’t touch him like that again.  Plaintiff had no interest in Napolitano, who was 20 years older than him, and who was more of a father figure than anything else. Plaintiff felt that Napolitano was a brilliant man and he enjoyed speaking with him at the restaurant, but he did not want anything more than that to develop between them.”

You can read the rest of the complaint here.

Kruzelnick is seeking a minimum of $15 million in damages with a jury trial, according to the lawsuit.

A lawyer for Napolitano said Monday’s suit is “nothing more than a pile-on attempt to smear Judge Napolitano for their own financial gain. We will defeat these false allegations in court and look forward to exposing this continuing attempt to abuse our court system to smear a highly-respected former public servant.”


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