A Black Lives Matter activist prominent in Wisconsin was arrested Monday night on suspicion of sexual assault.

Milwaukee police officers arrived at Frank David Sensabaugh’s home just past 11 PM on Monday night. They told him that he had been accused of sexual assault and that they would be taking him downtown for further questioning.

Sensabaugh – a 39-year-old rapper and community activist known as “Frank Nitty II” – livestreamed the entire encounter with police on Facebook.

His first livestream of Monday’s arrest is over 17 minutes long and captures his encounter with police when they first come to his door. The second livestream lasts for 10 minutes and captures Sensabaugh’s arrest.

When police first came to his door, Sensabaugh spoke to them through his window screen and refused to open the door.

“I’m going to ask you to speak to me from here out of respect because I don’t trust you guys and I don’t know why you’re here,” he told the officers.

A female officer approached the window, and Sensabaugh became more cooperative as she explained that a young lady had accused him of sexually assaulting her, and that he would need to be arrested for questioning.

The officers gave him time to collect phone numbers, use the restroom, and call his lawyer. He continued to livestream and explained to his audience the situation.

Sensabaugh contended that he was falsely accused by a woman he knows from the marches. He told his followers that he allowed her to stay in his home and use a rental car someone had rented for him. As Sensabaugh’s story goes, she dropped him off at the airport and then disappeared with the car.

“…I told her today they’re going to have to call the police on you because they been asking about the rental car for like two, three days,” he explained in the second video. “So they going to have to call the police. You know what I mean? What am I supposed to do?”

“Next thing you know,” he says, “police knock at my door, they said that I sexually assaulted this young lady.”

Sensabaugh handed the phone to his son to continue recording as he was arrested. He remained civil throughout the process, following requests as officers led him through the process.

During the arrest, a friend of Sensabaugh’s became aggressive toward the arresting officers. An altercation occurs off-camera, screams from bystanders are heard, and by the time the camera pans to the scene, officers have a man on the ground.

Arthur Von Morgan, 39 years old, had continuously attempted to approach Sensabaugh as he was being arrested. An officer told Morgan to stay back several times.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Morgan then stepped back, assumed a boxer’s position and delivered three quick strikes to the officer’s head.”

Morgan has been charged with battery to law enforcement, a felony.

Sensabaugh apologized to the officers in his video and told them that his friend had been drinking: “My apologies. I’m sorry that happened. He never acts like that. He been drinking.”

Sensabaugh was taken to Milwaukee County Jail. His bail was posted at $50,000.

On Friday, Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern announced that Sensabaugh had been released from custody, but that the investigation is ongoing.

Sensabaugh has led and organized many protests in Milwaukee, Kenosha, and other Wisconsin cities following the death of George Floyd. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has called him “the face of this summer’s Black Lives Matter marches.”

In one protest, Sensabaugh was arrested for disorderly conduct after leading efforts to block traffic on an Indiana highway. In another protest, he marched onto private property with a group of protesters. The event led to an exchange of gunfire in which one protester was injured.

Sensabaugh also has a history of drug manufacturing charges, driving with a revoked license, and he currently owes over $92,000 in back child support.

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