Earlier this summer is when I first heard about the Netflix movie that is now sweeping the country. If you have any type of technology or social media you’ve probably heard of it- Cuties

Ironically named, this movie is about cute little girls. What isn’t cute, however, is what this movie does with these little girls. These little girls twerk, learn about sex, take nude pictures, and seduce grown men by groping themselves and taking off their clothes. 

I couldn’t believe it when I heard about this movie this summer, and as I hear more about it now that it’s been released and everyone in the country is talking about it, I get more disturbed by the second. I heard someone say recently that people are getting too upset about the movie. They don’t think it’s as bad as people are making it out to be.

In case you’re on the fence, allow me to clarify something for you. Little girls dancing inappropriately and dressing almost naked is not okay and if you think it is, you need some serious help. 

My roommate wrote an op-ed about the movie and she was telling me about an interview she saw with the director of the movie. The director was defending the movie and saying how it’s supposed to expose the objectification of women. I really don’t know how on earth she could think that the trash movie she directed does anything to stop the objectification of women, it makes it worse. And using little 11-year-old girls is not the way to do it.

When I was around 13, I had purchased this pair of high-waisted shorts. I love vintage stuff, so high waisted clothing (at the time) was right up my alley. My mom and I didn’t realize how short the shorts really were until we were at a mall in Cleveland, Ohio and a man about my dad’s age walked by and looked at my butt. It was creepy, disturbing, and made me feel awful. Those shorts didn’t make it past the next day, trust me. 

Though a creep looking at me inappropriately isn’t as bad as little girls twerking in barely any clothing, I was treated the same way by a man those girls are in the movie. I didn’t feel beautiful or proud to be a woman. I couldn’t wait to get home and change and I felt terrible about myself. 

The director of this child porn movie also said in her interview that the movie is about feminism. Last time I checked, feminism is about supporting women, showing men why they should respect us, and taking care of our bodies. 

Society sends such a confusing message about women, feminism, and objectification. The same society that tells you to wear whatever you want (or nothing at all), tells you that this is respecting your body. It isn’t. They tell you that feminism is about being equal to men and that they should respect you, but don’t teach you how to respect men in return. They tell you to fight objectification, yet promote songs like WAP and Cuties. 

This movie reaches new depths of human depravity. Using children to try to promote some sort of extremist message is sick. If you really want to have a conversation about objectification, use grown women who know what sex is, who knows what limits are, and what consent is. Don’t use innocent, sweet little kids. Their lives will forever be changed by this movie, not because of the fame, but because their body parts are now plastered all over the world. Their innocence is being taken by pedophiles who will watch this movie on repeat to get their fix in.

Innocent children all over the world will now be subject to these pedophiles whose desires will not stop at the screen but will take them out on children off the screen. 

And can we talk about the parents who put their kids in this movie? Politicians are going after Netflix to be investigated. I’m calling on the parents to be investigated. Any parent that would willingly subject their child to the kinds of “acting” this movie required doesn’t actually love their kids. They love money and fame. They are creeps, they are sick, and they need to have their children taken from their custody. 

We all knew there was evil in the world, 2020 has proven that, but this new movie just shows the levels people are going to in order to satisfy a sick craving. Pray for these kids that their lives will not be ruined by the greedy actions of Hollywood and their parents.

And don’t ever believe the lie that feminism is really about protecting women. It’s the complete opposite- destruction.

Brittany Slaughter

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