Former attorney general under the Trump Administration, Bill Barr, has proven himself not to be quite the man that we all suspected that he was initially whenever he first took the job as Attorney General.

Ever since he left the White House after the 2020 election, he has continued to badmouth President Trump a number of ways. He has even written a book about his time under the Trump Administration and even expressed his thoughts regarding the election.

To make a long story short, he doesn’t think that there was anything wrong that happened during the election. Instead, he thinks that the loss that President Trump endured was a result of his own behavior.

Overall, Bill Barr has been a huge disappointment for our country. Now he’s going as far as saying that President Trump is actually incorrigible and supports what the FBI just did when they raided Mar-a-Lago.

During an interview with Bari Weiss, he had a lot to say about President Trump, but one thing stood out.

“…Trump is his own worst enemy. He’s incorrigible. He doesn’t take advice from people. And you’re not going to teach an old dog new tricks.”

He also said,

“…He continued to be self-indulgent and petty and turned off key constituencies that ultimately made the difference in the election.”

I’m sorry, but I can’t get behind what Bill Barr is saying about President Trump and the election. Do I think that President Trump has some character flaws? Of course, I do. I do think that he can be a little over-the-top and if he would have dialed it back a little bit Democrats might not hate him as much as they do now, but they would still hate him because he is a Republican.

As I’ve said many times before, I think President Trump is the greatest president of our time, but I do think that there are some things that he could do better, one of which being vocal about his opinions. This is not something that say only about President Trump, I actually say this about anybody who has notoriety in the world which includes celebrities and athletes. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but just because you’re entitled to an opinion doesn’t mean that you need to share it with everyone.

Brittany Slaughter

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  • William Barr is trying hard to gain credibility among the Bush Republicans and the Democrats, but he will fail. Barr has now cut out a place for himself in no-man’s land, and there will he live in infamy. Barr deserves his lack of credibility; he has earned it.

    • I wholeheartedly AGREE!!! I never in my 80 years on this planet have I seen so much unadulterated hate for one man. President Trump threatens their socialistic/communist agenda and they just can’t stand for this. Liberals please wake up. Our country is no longer a Constitutional Republic. It has become a Banana Republic. Biden stressed in his campaign (such as it was) and in his inaugural address that he would unit America. America has never, ever been this divided. EVER. Liberals are constantly whining that Republicans are destroying democracy. We are NOT A DEMOCRACY. We are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. Big difference.

      • ’tis a “Representative Republic” under our Constitution.
        At 84, I too am deeply disappointed in Bill Barr, and encourage others to make their own analysis of 45, who brought our country back from the abyss of Obama/Hillary with disentanglement from war, economic recovery, fossil fuel independence, border security, freedom for our citizens and a vision matching our forebears.
        Barr’s reaction to the stolen 2020 presidential election lacks study of multiple evidence now in plain sight: that of obvious, widespread fraud and illegal changes to state election laws, with some individuals now in jail and, I trust, many more to follow. As a student of history, Barr must realize these are early days!
        His book has little to contribute to the full record when contribute he could and should.

        • Amen! The persecution of president Trump has gone on for too long! Dems are terrified and are so frantic. May the good Lord judge them!

  • Considering that Barr is a deep state traitor who should been charged with dereliction of duty, who really gives a damn what he says. He said there was no election fraud, yet he never investigated or interviewed all the witnesses that filed depositions. I’m sure that he and the other RINOs are also guilty of assisting with this sham raid

  • Barr is also scarred to death after telling AG’s not to investigate the PHONY ELECTION! When it come out they will all be pointing fingers at each other ! But the people will remember who they are and what they did! I wonder what country will take them as there will be no place for them here as they don’t deserve America! And the corrupt media will be well known by those they cheated against! And we have plenty of illegals to replace them! Not one person will notice they are gone! And we can put the illegals in their house! Right after we help Americans the Democrats put on the streets! Ans we have an open season on drug dealers!

  • I told my wife when Trump selected Barr that he could not be trusted after reading some info on his background/ history. He’s a typical Deep State swamp rat – nothing more. Too many like him in DC.

    In fact, if the AGs (Holder, Lynch, Sessions, Barr, and now Garland) actually did their jobs by holding ALL PEOPLE to the same level of justice, regardless of political party, social connections, position (political or private), or campaign contributions, these swamp rats wouldn’t be so bold in doing what they pleased.

    Unfortunately, I believe it will literally take having to hang many of the treasonous people in our government and set an example for the People to regain power over our government. Politicians only fear 2 things: losing political power and their lives.

    They are supposed to work for us but that is NOT what is happening. They have become an oligarchy, pushing their will instead of doing the work of the People. IT MUST STOP!

  • Mr. Barr is just another resentful Deep State anti American that hated that Our Real President, Donald J. Trump was so successful as our President and should know damn well, Basement Biden never received 81 million legal votes. He’s a a typical Beltway loser and will be remembered as an anti American POS.

  • When people have ONE objective and that is to destroy your country…..I hope you use every nasty word in the book when you talk to them or describe them.

    We The People don’t have the luxury of trying to ‘negotiate’ or ‘be nice’ with these sworn enemies. The party is over. We are, and have been, under attack and in most cases, anyone attacking our country and doing what they have done, would be met not with words, but lead, so put on your big girl panties and just APPRECIATE what President Trump has sacrificed for YOU and do everything you can to support him. We don’t ask our troops to speak nicely to the people trying to kill them!

    If it weren’t for President Trump’s way of speaking, half of you wouldn’t know half of what is going on!

  • Bill Barr is the poster child for what happens to people who drink deeply of the swamp water and mutate into creatures that lurk in the murk and debris of the swamp. Beneath contempt, without honor. This critter was present at Ruby Ridge, Waco TWA 007, the WTC. He is in short the kind of organization man who mans the ovens.

    You don’t tolerate cockroaches, why would you tolerate creatures so depraved as Barr?

  • I voted for Trump TWICE but I must admit he’s sure a rotten judge of character. Sessions was first to fail him almost on day one. He was bought off quickly and I’m sure cheaply. Then Barr. Next Durham. The list of back-stabbers … the names on the list is too long to print. Either Mr Trump picks these aides himself, or he’s relying on some really bad advice.

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  • Bill Barr is HIS own worst enemy!

    He seems to think that the majority of GOP voters think as HE (and the rest of the DC Swamp/RINOs think).

    He is WRONG!

    All you have to do is look at the number of people who voted for Trump in 2020!

    We can also look at the NUMEROUS irregularities (aka FRAUD) that took place in the 2020 election, and see how Barr couldn’t see past HIS (obvious) hatred for Trump to actually INVESTIGATE those NUMEROUS allegations!

    Barr was (and IS) a disappointment!

  • Bill Barr needs to be banned from the GOP, he is nothing more than a Nazi.
    Never did any good for America, he in fact helps the commie Libs try to take out Trump.

  • It’s pretty obvious that Bill Barr is part of the deep state and fears that Trump will expose the corruption and control that these lifetime-appointed bureaucrats are involved in. Don’t forget Barr also worked for the Bush’s.

  • “….Bill Barr, has proven himself not to be quite the man that we all suspected that he was initially whenever he first took the job as Attorney General.” Absootootly!

    When former AG Barr stated, “I think there was spying,” I thought he was the second coming of Columbo. Unfortunately, doing NOTHING about prosecuting the true sedition criminals was Barr’s legacy! He has proven to be just another member of the politburo known in this country as ‘The Deep State.’ The one and only positive, possibly, accomplishment was appointing Durham as Special Council before his departure! I say “possibly” because little has been forthcoming from that appointment.

  • Barr has long had a split personality… one who’s mouth is stuffed with an old sock; another whose mouth spouts an endless stream of hateful rubbish.

    Only those suffering from extreme TDS take this clown seriously. He isn’t even aware that our Constitution gives the President complete authority to declassify any document he deems not worthy of classification (e.g., files on illicit FBI political operations, classified to hide their existence from the People).

  • What are you talking about? This Jacka** was Robert Johnson of Iran Contra fame who along with Ollie North as John Cathey ran the Mena, Arkansas Drug Cartel while Willie Clinton was Governor!!! HOW DO YOU COVER THAT UP???!!!!

  • Bill Barr is the typic DC swamp rat! He never did nothing but slow walk everything! It was Trump that demanded the special council not Barr! He is a Traitor to America and he knows it! We need to deport everyone that was involved in this scam against America! As they don’t deserve America! Biden who can’t even draw a crowd of fly’s never won anything! Democrats did Cheat and the world knows it! Despite the lying media!



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